Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles)

Spartan ERV Reports Increased Demand For Aerial Products

Spartan is celebrating increased demand for its aerial apparatus. Since January 2013, the Company has shipped or is in the process of building over 50 aerial units for various departments worldwide. Cities that have contracted with Spartan include Dallas, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Kirkland, Wa.

The orders include a mix of Spartan ERV’s mid mount and rear mount platforms, rear mount aerials and tractor drawn aerials. Spartan ERV will feature a recent delivery – a 103’ rear mount ladder made for Red Oak, Texas.

“Spartan ERV is recognized in the industry for building some of the safest, most durable aerials on the market as evidenced by the intensified demand,” said Bill Doebler, Vice President of Sales, Spartan ERV. “Our superior product performance and value equation have played a key role in driving our aerial business. We are proud to be a desired solution provider, and look forward to providing products built to the highest quality standards in the industry.”

An industry-leading Spartan ERV aerial unit provides more value to a department through features such as the greaseless ladder sections (requires less service downtime and smoother ladder deployment/retraction). Value, which is not only measured by the lowest purchase cost, also delivers performance, versatility and reliability to those using the equipment in the field and in the shop.

Fire departments specify several proprietary features including patented lift cradles, roller assisted slide pads (RASP) and laser leveling guides for setting up outriggers. The lift cradle positions the ladder close to the ground, making it possible to safely add or exchange equipment at the tip of the ladder.

It also enables the ladder to lower to negative 10 degrees. RASP assembly reduces friction and stress on the ladder in the field, while eliminating the need to grease ladder rails in the shop. Laser guides provide visual representation for an apparatus to be clear for set-up, marking the location where outrigger pads should be placed before extending them.

About Spartan ERV

Spartan ERV is a leading manufacturer of custom fire trucks and other rescue vehicles. A business unit of Spartan Motors, Inc.,Spartan ERV is committed to quality, performance and innovation. Drawing on more than 130 years of excellence in fire truck manufacturing, Spartan ERV manufactures a full line of pumpers, tankers, rescues, aerials, quick-attack/urban interface vehicles and other emergency-rescue vehicles from its facilities in Florida, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.

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