Rescue Randy & Randy 9000

Rescue Randy & Randy 9000

Rescue Randy & Randy 9000 Product Image

The Original Rescue Randy closely replicates the weight, feel and resiliency of a human body. Randy is articulated and can be used in various life-saving exercises including auto extrication, application of antishock trousers and other emergency evacuation procedures.

Randy 9000 - This brand new manikin is designed to be customized by the user for optimal training use. The manikin is made from rugged polyethylene parts (PE; the same material out of which backboards are molded) that allow for the addition of varying amounts of weight to each of the pieces. You may add water, sand, or any other substance as long as you can empty the substance out of the parts. The empty manikin is easily moved and stored when training is completed. This custom-molded construction ensures constant size from one manikin to the next and allows the utilization of Randy 9000 in every environment imaginable

Each sealed piece is assembled with stainless steel hardware. The range of motion of the joints, including bending at the waist, mimics real life. Randy 9000 is perfect for RIT or Combat Challenge as well as ship-board, heavyweight, horizontal rescues or lightweight packaging exercises like spinal immobilization. Randy 9000 may be used in all weather conditions and the joint design protects rescuers fingers. Each manikin component is easy to replace. Watch for options to be released during the coming year. Included in these options will be thermal imaging-capable pieces.

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Prestan Professional CPR Training Manikins

Product From MCR Medical Supply, Inc.


Approved for use in both American Heart Association as well as American Red Cross layperson and professional rescuer training courses, Prestan manikins are available with or without LED Rate Monitors in Adult, Child and Infant sizes. All manikins are available in light, medium or dark skin tone. Prestan Professional CPR training manikins are also available in multi-packs to help maximize your training dollar! 

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2012 Top Innovations

Product From Keiser University Sarasota

Take the next step as a firefighter with an Associate of Science Degree in Fire Science from Keiser University. This online program helps firefighters gain increased performance on the ground, in the field and to qualify for potential management positions. To qualify, you must be a certified firefighter with documented evidence of FFP 1000, Introduction to Fire Science, or comparable coursework/experience.

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2012 Top Innovations

Product From Columbia Southern Univ.

Columbia Southern University (CSU), a completely online university, was established to meet the demand for alternatives to the traditional university experience. CSU online degree programs allow non-traditional students to honor career and family commitments, while steadily reaching their educational goals. CSU features associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and certificate programs in many fields, including fire science, occupational safety and health, business, human resource management, emergency management and more.

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Powerheart G3 Pro

Product From Cardiac Science Corp.

With a host of benefits, the G3 Pro comes fully equipped with:

+ Color ECG display, manual override, and 3–lead ECG monitoring capabilities.

+ Our patented Rescue Ready technology to self-test all critical components

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Fire-fighter Fitness Training Manual

Product From Firefighter Fit

An 80 page paperback fitness training

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Product From Ewareness

eWareness is the publisher of

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Fire Studio 5 Instructor Edition

Product From Digital Combustion, Inc.

Design and playback unlimited multi-slide simulations. Show up to four simultaneous views of an incident. Import your own pictures, video and audio. Have complete control over the look and size of all animations. This includes adjusting the color, speed and opacity of you smoke columns to accurately display "reading smoke" characteristics of each smoke. Use your digital camera to import buildings or other target hazards from your area. Simulations are all now displayed FULL SCREEN.. Save complete simulations for later playback. This will allow you to build up a library of simulations that can be used again whenn needed. Add timeframes for to your simulations for automatic playback. Create interactive tests using the text tool. Use for instructional classroom training, promotional assessment center testing. post-incident critique, NIMS training and more. Create a simple house fire or a Weapons of Mass Destruction incident. Start using new technology today!

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Test System Cards

Product From MSA Company

MSA has announced that Galaxy Automated Test System quick-start, two-sided, color-printed cards are now included with every shipment of the system. New users in particular will benefit when they start up their new test system for the first time. These cards offer a clean and easily readable sequence of basic test system operation and setup that includes initial and test setup, scroll options and running tests.

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Hearts On Fire Program

Product From Hearts in Motion

Join hands with your firefighter brothers to the south. Become a part of Hearts in Motion’s Bomberos/Firefighter partnership building relationships between firefighters in the United States and their brothers/sisters in Guatemala.

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