MiR 45Lbs Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest

MiR 45Lbs Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest

MiR 45Lbs Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest Product Image

The MiR Air Flow vest is design to provide maximizes air flow though out your body while vest is in use. This breathable feature keeps your body cooler during workouts. With a denim like feature, this vest is machine washable and machine dryable. This keeps the AF vest from retaining any odor during workouts and other activities with the vest. This design is intended to make sure your sweat is easily absorbed by the vest instead keeping the sweat between your body and vest. This 2010 feature ensures you do not to spend any extra money on sweat defending accessories, and you can use this extra cash to upgrade to the higher weights that you always wanted. Also MiR sells grade A product and great low prices. This vest does come with a Life Time Warranty Services. Features include adjustable shoulder straps to make sure that you can adjust the length. Also it includes adjustable Velcro belt to adjust the width. With these two features, this ensures that you will get a vest that stay tight to your body, and a vest that can be clean by simply throwing it into the washer. A vest made to keep its brand new scent and feel all year round.

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Prestan Professional CPR Training Manikins

Product From MCR Medical Supply, Inc.


Approved for use in both American Heart Association as well as American Red Cross layperson and professional rescuer training courses, Prestan manikins are available with or without LED Rate Monitors in Adult, Child and Infant sizes. All manikins are available in light, medium or dark skin tone. Prestan Professional CPR training manikins are also available in multi-packs to help maximize your training dollar! 

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Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals, Steppers, Gyms, Free Weights and Accessories

Product From Specialty Fitness Equipment
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True Fitness, Nautilus, Paramount Fitness, Body Solid

Product From Specialty Fitness Equipment

Specialty Fitness Equipment is the leading source for Commercial, Medical and Home Fitness Equipment.

A family owned company with 17 years experience, SFE is a one stop destination for all your health, wellness and fitness equipment needs. At

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Rescue Facts

Product From Rescue Facts

Medical ID Strap: Adult Safety Belt, Child Seat Safety Belt, Fire Fighter Suspenders, Large & Small Animal, Helmets, Medical Equipment i.e., wheelchairs, walkers, canes.

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Fire-fighter Fitness Training Manual

Product From Firefighter Fit

An 80 page paperback fitness training

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Product From S.J. Elton, Architect

Specializing in the design of Fire and EMS Stations.

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Fire Stations

Product From Manns Woodward Studios
  • Expertise with New & Renovated Facilities.
  • Expertise with extremely challenging sites.
  • Over 25 Facilities Designed within past 5 years.
  • Experience with stations ranging from 5,000 SF - 45,000 SF.
  • Ability to integrate training elements.
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The Smart Med Card

Product From The Smart Med Card

Our Smart Emergency Medical ID Card provides the most comprehensive summary available of a patient's prescriptions, allergies, emergency contacts and pertinent medical information. Your information is rendered in a professional-looking, easy-to-read PDF format. This makes it easy for you or a loved one to provide this information during routine health care visits or in the event of a medical emergency.

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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Product From Dalmatian Fire Equipment, Inc.

We have 1000's of SCBA in stock at all times.

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Product From Bauer Compressors, Inc.

BAUER offers only independently tested containment fill stations which were found to protect the operator from overpressure and fragmentation per NFPA 1901. Formed plate steel and fewer weldments help maintain structural integrity while at the same time reducing size and weight. Our ergonomic

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