Magellan Weather Stations

Magellan Weather Stations

Magellan Weather Stations Product Image

All-in-one weather sensors with sonic wind measurments, temperature, humidity, pressure and internal compass -- ideal for vehicle-mount and portable applications. Rugged metal construction.

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The Fire Store Offers New Vent Saw

Product From The

TheFireStore, the leading online source for firefighting professionals, and Cutters Edge have collaborated to produce the Exclusive Vent Boss Rescue Saw.

Stop losing critical time and exposing your crew to additional danger with that old vent saw that takes 20 pulls to start up. The Vent Boss is reliable, fast, and tough so you can get on and off the roof as fast as possible.

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SVC3 Cutoff Saw

Product From Super Vacuum Mfg.

Rescue operations demand fast and reliable cutting equipment.  Super Vac’s response is the SVC3 Power Pro Cutoff Saw, a high performance 14? saw designed for the fire and rescue service.  The SVC3's rugged, lightweight engine turns at an industrial diamond blade that is voracious enough to cut through a variety of materials including residential roofing, concrete and rebar, and sheet metal – all without the use of water.

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SV3 Ventilation Chain Saw

Product From Super Vacuum Mfg.

The Super Vac Power Pro SV3 Ventilation Saw is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations.  This chain saw is powered by a 5.7 horsepower Dolmar engine (PS7910).  This 78.5 cc engine features the new SLR function that lowers emissions for a cleaner environment.  The SV3 also features a three-stage heavy-duty air filter that is proven during the smoky conditions a fire fighter will be working in.

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New PECO TBB-3002 Brush Blazer

Product From New PECO Inc.

New PECO Inc. has unveiled its TBB-3002 Brush Blazer. Featuring a 48-inch cut width, the unit can tackle trees up to 4 inches in diameter. It is ideal for clearing underbrush and trees, hazardous vegetation management and wildfire prevention. It is available with a 28-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard or a 27-horsepower Kohler EFI engine. Filling a gap between small-scale units and large forestry equipment, the Brush Blazer offers a mid-sized option with exceptional productivity. The unit features a five-gallon tank that allows a run time ranging from four to six hours, depending on the job’s terrain and material. The Brush Blazer’s rotary brush cutting system features two half-inch-thick steel discs, each with three hardened steel flail blades. The weight of the discs and the mass of the blades give the unit the strength and momentum needed to plow through tall grass, tough brush and woody material. The flail blades are easy to sharpen and are double sided for extra longevity.

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Fire Falcon Introduces New Demolition Tool

Product From Fire Falcon

A new a multi-purpose demolition device with retractable talons designed by a veteran firefighter with 38 years’ experience was recently released.

Called the Fire Falcon, the device has a penetrating point on its head, like an arrow, and then has three talons that can be deployed and retracted by the user to pull more material, like a ceiling, or any other drywall or material that needs to be removed quickly.

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McLaski™ Wildland Combination Tool

Product From Rescue 42, Inc.

The McLaski™ combines the best features of two traditional fire tools; the McLeod and the Pulaski. The McLaski™ is manufactured of laser cut AR450 steel, some of the toughest steel available. This gives the McLaski™ the ability to hold an edge well past the point where other tools would dull.

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Capricorn 2000EX Weather Station™

Product From Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.

Modular design weather station offering choice of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall, and other optional sensors.

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Tempest Introduces Electric Ventilation Fan Line

Product From Tempest Technology Corp.

Tempest Technology Corporation has released its latest tool in high performance electric ventilation, the VSR.

The VSR comes to Tempest’s line up of Variable Speed, GFCI Compatible Positive Pressure Ventilation fans bearing the highest air output and CFM performance. This is all made possible by the unit’s large 2.0 HP motor and Tempest’s latest VS Drive. The drive, which is also a recent development from the company, is both GFCI compatible and NEMA 4 rated.

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Buckeye Fire Foam

Product From

Buckeye Fire Foams @



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Portable Scene Light

Product From Streamlight, Inc.

Rapidly deployed and easily stowed, the Portable Scene Light brings 3,600 lumens to your work area.  With its narrow footprint and 72" extension pole, it goes almost anywhere, from wide open places to tight, confined spaces.

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