GeoLynx Sync

GeoLynx Sync

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GeoLynx Sync leverages the efficiencies of network-distributed-data storage with local data storage speed and network independent reliability. The software is easy to use and can be operated manually or scheduled to process and transmit updates automatically. GeoLynx Sync is now available in two ways: GeoLynx Sync Basic and GeoLynx Sync Advanced.

GeoLynx Sync Basic can be used to send updated software settings, configuration, and map data files from the centralized server to selected networked workstations, eliminating the task of traveling to many workstations and then downloading the files or copies from CDs to each workstation.

GeoLynx Sync Advanced, an add-on to GeoLynx Sync Basic, enables one-way, change-only GIS data updates to be transferred to the dispatch and mobile units rather than the entire GIS data set. Since only minimum data is now being transferred over the network, GeoLynx Sync Advanced is designed for easier use and management than previous versions. Built using ESRI ArcSDE Technology, this product creates a quicker and more seamless transition to the new files. In addition, the size of the updated packages in GeoLynx Sync Advanced are drastically smaller, making it ideal for the mobile environment. Due to the smaller data update packet size, vital updates can be sent more efficiently to dispatch and mobile units.

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