The Shark™ Collapsible Step Cribbing

The Shark™ Collapsible Step Cribbing

The Shark™ Collapsible Step Cribbing Product Image

The Shark™ collapsible step cribbing will save critical storage space on your rig for more important equipment. Its innovative design is taller than most traditional step chocks, collapses to 5½” and provides a solid platform for vehicle stabilization.


The Shark’s™ tough steel construction meets the 2:1 height to base ratio for vertical stability while positive grip teeth on the steps helps prevent slipping.


The Shark™ - Standard (SRK-S): Perfect for Engines/Pumpers and smaller apparatus to stabilize lower clearance vehicles. Stands at 10” high, collapses to 5½” and weighs only 23 lbs.

The Shark™ - Large (SRK-L): Made for Trucks, Squads and Rescues to stabilize higher clearance vehicles such as SUVs and Trucks. Stands over 16” high, collapses to 5½” and weighs 37 lbs


• Collapsible & stackable for compact storage
• Taller than most traditional step chocks
• Meets 2:1 height to base ratio for safety
• Accepts pickets and straps
• Can be used as a wheel chock
• Easy to clean & decontaminate

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Junkins Safety Introduces Folding Spine Board

Product From Junkin Safety Appliance

Junkin Safety Appliance Company has developed a folding spine board with a dozen large hand holds for easy handling.

The product is made from rugged, bright yellow polyethylene and has built in runners, a low profile and is X-Ray translucent. Four patient straps are included.

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Hurst Jaws of Life Releases New eDRAULIC Tool

Product From Hurst Jaws of Life

Shelby, N.C. – Hurst Jaws of Life unveiled this month at FDIC the next generation of eDRAULIC battery-powered rescue tools – eDRAULIC 2.0.

The new eDRAULIC 2.0 rescue tool line introduced at the show features two cutters, two spreaders and two combination tools. Stronger, lighter and easier to handle than the original eDRAULIC range, all of the eDRAULIC 2.0 tools shown at FDIC are available now.

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POWER HAWK Releases New Shredder Rescue Tool

Product From Power Hawk Technologies, Inc.

POWER HAWK Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the production release of their new C-1604 Shredder rescue tool cutter for motor vehicle accident emergency rescues, that slices through the high-strength construction materials that are used in today’s new cars and trucks.

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Leader Introduces Product to Help Detect Collapse


Designed by LEADER in collaboration with international experts in victim research techniques USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), LEADER Sentry provides additional security of intervention areas on which are engaged rescuers rescue teams, doctors and other persons or victims.

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Zico Introduces New Extrication Tool Bracket

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

YARDLEY, PA – Ziamatic Corp. (Zico) presents the QUIC-MOUNT Double Extrication Tool Holder, Model QM-ETD-1: an adjustable upright extrication tool mounting solution for two extrication tools.

The heavy-duty, aluminum QM-ETD-1 boasts independently adjustable components, including tilt angle, enabling it to safely and securely accommodate many popular makes and models of cutter, spreader, and combination tool upright in the compartment.

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LEADER Announces New Line of Collapse Victim Detection System


LEADER is proud to introduce a new generation of search and rescue equipment designed for technical search specialists by technical search specialists.

These innovative products are lightweight, ergonomic and efficient to give the greatest advantage in all phases of search (Hasty, Primary and Secondary).

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Packexe SMASH

Product From Packexe Ltd

Packexe SMASH is a fast, effective glass management system for use in road vehicle extrications and forced entries to buildings.  It is distributed in the USA by Junkyard Dog (

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2012 Top Innovations

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

Ziamatic’s Quic-Mount multiversal extrication tool holder is an adjustable, upright extrication tool mounting solution. The heavy-duty, cast aluminum QM-ET-MV boasts 10 independently adjustable components, including tilt angle, enabling it to safely and securely accommodate many popular makes and models of cutter, spreader and combination tool. Mounting to virtually any flat surface, this bracket eliminates the need for expensive custom-fabricated mounting boxes. Whether buying a new apparatus or replacing the tools on an existing one, a single multiversal extrication tool holder can be used over and over again with only a few minor adjustments.

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E Force C236 Cutter

Product From Genesis Rescue Sys.

Check out the new E Force battery powered tools from Genesis. 

Our battery tools utilize a commercially available battery from Milwaukee,  and provide the same cutting and spreading ability as our gas driven hydraulics.  The new EF C236 NXTgen battery tool provides the best from two worlds.  The cutter is powered by a Milwaukee battery and utilizes the Genesis NXTgen blade design to ensure your blades are always sharp.

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NXTgen Cutter With Replaceable Blades

Product From Howell Rescue Systems, Inc.

Introducing the NXTgen Cutter from Genesis Rescue with Replaceable Blades.  The ultimate "Stay Sharp" rescue cutter.

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