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Specialized satellite link translocation system designed to enable your teams to utilize BGAN/VSAT systems in traditionally impossible non-LOS situations such as an urban canyon or mountain valley.

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Reelcraft Offers New Exhaust Hose Reel

Product From Reelcraft Industries Inc.

Reelcraft’s updated Series V exhaust hose reels conveniently store lengths of large diameter exhaust hose.

Designed to divert hazardous carbon monoxide gasses away from the workplace, these industrious reels are spring retractable and feature a latching mechanism that maintains the desired working length of hose.

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Leader Com Offers Confined Space Communication Solution


LEADER Com ensures a continuous, reliable and very clear communication between the safety attendant and members of teams engaged in confined space entry particularly when working in noisy environments and where other conventional communications won’t work.

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Bunker Gear Wallet

Product From The

Coatesville, PA ( February 15, 2013 –, the leading online source for firefighting professionals, introduces their exclusive Bunker Gear wallets constructed of the same stuff that protects firefighters. Each model is designed to keep money from burning a hole in your pocket.

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2012 Top Innovations

Product From W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Certified to NFPA 1994, Class 2, durable multi-threat suits made with GORE CHEMPAK ultra-barrier fabric provides enhanced functionality, helping you operate more confidently and remain engaged longer during physically demanding missions in hot-zone environments. Learn more about Gore’s innovative ChemBio fabrics for technical rescue, hazmat, decontamination and containment on the company’s website.

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Used Rescue Tools

Product From Howell Rescue Systems, Inc.

Shop now for quality, economical alternatives to new rescue tools.

We carry a full line of ALL makes of rescue tools.  All priced to sell and provide your with tested, working equipment.  Visit our web site and click on "Used Rescue Tools" or visit our sister web site at

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Nextteq Hazmat Kit

Product From Nextteq LLC


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StreetWise CADlink Tablet Response Software

Product From Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC

Response and tactical software that provides real time, map-based collaboration among responding units using Android tablet computers. Includes incident notification, mapping, navigational routing, automatic vehicle location and tracking, command waypoint sharing, group messaging, photo shaing and more. Includes pre-incident planning survey and pre-plan management, with automated push to responding tablets. All live and in real time.

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TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor System

Product From SMC - Seattle Manufacturing Corporation

The TerrAdaptor system has been tested extensively in both lab and field environments. As a result, the TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor system in the standard symmetric tripod and quadpod configurations are the only systems of their kind to be certified by UL to NFPA 1983 (2006 ed.)

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Rope Tracker

Product From SMC - Seattle Manufacturing Corporation

The SMC Rope Tracker is engineered to secure, capture, protect and manage multiple ropes when negotiating difficult edge transitions.

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Tactical Bord

Product From Tactron, Inc.

Used by first arriving officers to immediately setup command and accountability at the start of an incident. Made of durable poly-metal material and writable using permanent marker, grease pencil, or dry erase pen. Comes with Sharpie pen & holder, and neck lanyard. Custom schematics available. Call for details.

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