•   The Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve integrates TFT’s unique stainless steel quarter ball shutoff design eliminating corrosion and expensive repairs, and uses an exclusive polymer ring coupling configuration for ease of use and simple repair if damaged. Your choice of threaded or Storz couplings in many sizes. Pressure gauge ports for optional pressure gauges.

•   Designed for maximum flow performance and light weight, this valve meets all NFPA recommendations for slow close, 250 psi operational and 900 psi hydrostatic pressures and is manufactured from hard anodized and powder coated aluminum alloy. This valve easily improves flows in areas of low operational pressure hydrants or when long hose lays are used.

•   Used for either hydrant assist or inline boosting of water supply lines, the Oasis valve can dramatically improve critical water delivery and has less than 10psi friction loss at 1000gpm flow. The exclusive clapper design allows uninterrupted water supply when transitioning to boost mode, or a failure of the assisting apparatus were to occur.

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Polaris Offers ATV With Integrated Multi-Power System

Product From Polaris

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), has engineered a Polaris RANGER CREW Diesel side-by-side utility vehicle with an integrated multi-power system, a first for vehicles in this category.

A flip of a switch allows operators to power hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and welding equipment directly from the vehicle’s diesel engine through the integrated HIPPO™ Multipower™ System from the Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Company.

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Curtiss-Wright Introduces New Throttle For Polaris Vehicles

Product From Curtiss-Wright Rescue Systems

Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that its Industrial division will be supplying Williams Controls electronic throttles to Polaris Industries for use on its RANGER and recently-launched RZR XP 1000 vehicles.

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Pierce Re-Introduces Extreme Wildland Tanker at FRI

Product From Pierce Mfg.

CHICAGO -- Pierce reintroduced its Hawk Extreme Wildland Tanker at the Fire Rescue international trade show in Chicago.

The all-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle has three drive axles with interaxle differential lock, an Oshkosh Model 3000 transfer case, a Cummins 450 hp engine, Allison 4500 EVS transmission and Oshkosh TAK-4 suspension.

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Tankers - Fire Apparatus

Product From Spartan ERV (Emergency Response Vehicles)

A full line of Tankers through the Star, Legend, and Classic Series that can handle from 1,500 to up to 4,000 gallons of water and offer a category-leading combination of exclusive features and technologies, along with the most innovative components available today.

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Product From Logan Fire Apparatus

Builder of custom Emergency Apparatus

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Product From Midland Manufacturing

Emergency Response Kit with all necessary capping cans and tools.

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B.R.A.T. Brush Rapid Attack Truck

Product From Firematic Manufacturing, Inc.

The B.R.A.T.® Brush Rapid Attack Trucks are designed to provide reliability and safety. We have utilized over 30 years of experience in designing a brush truck built for tough jobs in those hard-to-reach areas that other trucks just can't get to.

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HydroChart 3500 Shallow Water Bathymetry Sonar

Product From L-3 Communications Klein Associates Inc.

The Klein HydroChart 3500 is a professional bathymetry sonar for shallow water operations with exceptional performance at an extremely competitive price.  They HydroChart 3500 system was developed using our latest proprietary "wideband technology".  The HydroChart 3500 provides unrivalled range and resolution performance in a compact, lightweight system that is easy to install, set up and operate.

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System 3900 Search and Recovery Side Scan Sonar

Product From L-3 Communications Klein Associates Inc.

L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc. consistently provides the most competitive products which meet customer needs and exceed expectations. L-3 Klein has recently completed the design and development of a Model 3900 Side Scan Sonar. The system is extremely high resolution digital side scan sonar for use in Search and Recovery missions which require a portable side scan system. The model has a dual frequency capability with 445 kHz offering excellent range and resolution and 900 kHz which offers higher resolution of identified items of interest. The system is competitively priced and configured to operate by one man from a small boat in shallow water. The standard system configuration comes complete with a splash proof Transceiver Processing Unit (TPU), custom configured laptop and 50m of lightweight tow cable. The Model 3900 Towfish electronics are housed in a stainless steel body with a phosphorescent finish for easy underwater identification. The L-3 Klein 3900 Search and Recovery System was specifically designed for use by Police Departments, Fire Departments and Rescue Groups. The intent of this design is to offer Police, Fire and Rescue groups a high caliber Side Scan Sonar at an affordable price.

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NBC Cruiser

Product From Life Safety Systems, Inc.

Specialized CBRN mobile vehicle

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