Low Level Strainer

Low Level Strainer

Low Level Strainer Product Image

•   TFT’s Jumbo Barrel Strainers are produced from lightweight nylon, incorporate a unique coupling attachment system, and are designed for high volume water flow operations. Available in black or high visibility yellow, these strainers are easily stored in compartments or pre-connected to hose lines, and are designed for 2 ½”, 4”, 5”, or 6” lightweight hard suction lines.

•   The Low Level / High Volume Strainer provides flow performance up to 1500gpm will minimal loss and incorporates a unique swiveling design that holds the strainer flat on the bottom of the tank maximizing available water flow. The low level design prevents unwanted whirlpools which can cause a loss of prime, as well as allowing water to be drafted to within only a few inches of depth utilizing all available water.

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Apache Fire Industries Introduces Lighted Hose Adapter

Product From Apache Fire Industries, Inc.

In nature, the Fire Ant is well known for its strength and loyalty to its purpose in life. In the fire service, the same could be said about the firefighter. At Apache Fire Industries, the requirements and standards to become a firefighter are valued. We know what it takes and how hard firefighters train to stay safe on the job. After all, the Fire Ant was invented by a firefighter for a firefighter.

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Fire Fighting Equipment

Product From Firetrucks Unlimited

We sell fire fighting equipment from a variety of the leading manufacturers. See our full list of partners here: http://www.firetrucksunlimited.com/fire-fighting-equipment/

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PVC Suction Hose

Product From Kochek Co.

The low profile, high strength, flexible polymer collars; simple and efficient two bolt connections; and new exclusive interlock provide superior strength and durability. The proven redundant sealing system insures a dependable no leak seal. Hose is available with long handle, rocker lug, Storz, or Cam lock connections. Hoses are available in standard 10 foot lengths, or odd lengths on request. These made in USA hoses are field repairable, using off the shelf replacement parts. A 5 inch Storz ridged long handle version is available

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Product From Ewareness

eWareness is the publisher of VeteranOwnedBusiness.com.

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Chevy Caprice Rear Tailight Bracket

Product From Block Communications

The new 2012 Chevy Caprice rear tail lights have an opening which doesn't allow the installation of LED modules.l These patend pending bracket allows the installation. Saving time on your installation. 

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Hasty Search Kit

Product From Con-Space Communications

Designed to put Technical Search capabilities into the hands of First Responders, HASTY SEARCH KIT combines the NEW Recon III SearchCam Camera, the two sensor Delsar Life Locator system, a multi position battery charger and 4 li-Ion batteries within one watertight case -  ready for rapid deployment. The Hasty Search Kit puts reliable, high quality Tech Search Tools into the hands of those who need them, with a cost effective price-tag.

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Suction Hose

Product From AWG Fittings

AWG FITTINGS has announced the Flex-Lite lightweight PVC suction hose, designed to be 16% lighter with a 24% tighter bend radius. The clear PVC hose allows for visual indication of water movement. The couplings are made of aircraft aluminum are hard coated to military specifications and can easily be removed in the field with standard Allen wrench. All-metal (no plastic) collars secure the hose and include beveled edges for easy loading into apparatus. Metal roller bearings are in the swivels (no plastic).

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Tool, Equipment, & Maintenance Tracking

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

We know how to help improve your operation. We can supply you with easy-to-use, reliable and affordable software, and help you set up your processes and maximize the benefit of our software to your company. The system is designed to work for Firefighters, Paramedics, First Responders, and Hazmat. 

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Stockroom for EMS & Fire Organizations

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

Stockroom for EMS Providers

Markers, location and identification; Bar code systems; Inventory systems; Maintenance and repair; Consulting Services; Hardware; Mobile; Peripherals; Software, data systems

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Product From Knox Co.

Knox-Vaults are used for high security storage in larger businesses, industrial properties, public buildings and universities. Available in two sizes, these vaults protect and store building keys, access cards and floor plans for emergency entry.

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