UCF 6000 Thermal Imaging Camera

UCF 6000 Thermal Imaging Camera

UCF 6000 Thermal Imaging Camera Product Image

DRÄGER has introduced the UCF 6000, a technologically advanced thermal imaging camera designed to optimize image quality and simplify operations in the most extreme conditions. The camera offers advanced new features to meet the needs of firefighters and first responders in the most hazardous situations. It provides superior image quality with 160x120-pixels resolution. A brightness sensor adapts the display to all lighting conditions, eliminating the need to cup hands over the screen when operating in direct sunlight. A snapshot function allows freeze-frame imaging of difficult areas. An integrated laser pointer pinpoints hazards and aids communication among responders. The camera also offers a wide, 47-degree field of view with a dynamic range to stay safe. It can detect hot spots and capture temperature ranges from –40 degrees Fahrenheit to more than 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit.

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SV3 Ventilation Chain Saw

Product From Super Vacuum Mfg.

The Super Vac Power Pro SV3 Ventilation Saw is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations.  This chain saw is powered by a 5.7 horsepower Dolmar engine (PS7910).  This 78.5 cc engine features the new SLR function that lowers emissions for a cleaner environment.  The SV3 also features a three-stage heavy-duty air filter that is proven during the smoky conditions a fire fighter will be working in.

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Fire Falcon Introduces New Demolition Tool

Product From Fire Falcon

A new a multi-purpose demolition device with retractable talons designed by a veteran firefighter with 38 years’ experience was recently released.

Called the Fire Falcon, the device has a penetrating point on its head, like an arrow, and then has three talons that can be deployed and retracted by the user to pull more material, like a ceiling, or any other drywall or material that needs to be removed quickly.

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Bullard Introduces NFPA 1801-2013 Compliant T4N Thermal Imager

Product From Bullard Company

CYNTHIANA, KY – The Bullard T4N offers the latest in thermal imaging advancements while meeting all the requirements of NFPA 1801, Standard on Thermal Imagers for the Fire Service, 2013 Edition. Equipped with Technology Optimization Package (T.O.P.) for enhanced display and engine integration, the T4N is the only NFPA-compliant thermal imager to offer a widescreen video display with vivid scene dynamics and image clarity. 

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Portable Video Systems

Product From Zistos Corporation

Zistos has combined thermal imaging and high resolution video in a single, ultra-slim camera head that attaches to any of their extension poles. Optimized specifically for USAR teams, the THC-50D is the only remote dual thermal imaging camera designed to fit within a standard 2-inch diameter core hole — typically used by technical search specialists to breach a void space in search of entrapped victims. Electronic switching between camera types is instantaneous by using the same control that provides variable illumination for the video camera. Instant correlation between the two images allows US&R specialists to conduct searches more thoroughly and expediently. 

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Eclipse Thermal Imager

Product From Bullard Company

BULLARD’s Eclipse personal-issue thermal imager is now available with a 160 x 120 high-resolution engine. This optional feature enhances the versatility of the Eclipse by providing firefighters with clearer, crisper and more detailed images, making the Eclipse suitable as an analytical and navigational tool. In addition to the higher resolution engine, the Eclipse can be equipped with optional advanced features including Bullard’s exclusive Electronic Thermal Throttle (ETT). ETT aids firefighters in revealing hidden fire and distinguishing hotter objects, saving firefighters critical time and preventing costly mistakes. Other optional features available on the Eclipse include High-Heat Colorization, temperature measurement and customized start-up graphics. The 1½-pound imager easily fits into the palm of a firefighter’s hand.

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Product From Logan Fire Apparatus

Builder of custom Emergency Apparatus

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Apache Fire Industries Introduces Lighted Hose Adapter

Product From Apache Fire Industries, Inc.

In nature, the Fire Ant is well known for its strength and loyalty to its purpose in life. In the fire service, the same could be said about the firefighter. At Apache Fire Industries, the requirements and standards to become a firefighter are valued. We know what it takes and how hard firefighters train to stay safe on the job. After all, the Fire Ant was invented by a firefighter for a firefighter.

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Bayco Products Introduces New Nightstick Flashlight

Product From Bayco Products

Professionals belonging to the fields of law enforcement, over-the-road (OTR) driving, security, and others where powerful in-vehicle lights are needed, know the necessity of having access to both flashlights and floodlights.

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Tempest Unveils Special Ops Power Blower

Product From Tempest Technology Corp.

Following one year since the introduction of the SP Power Blower and its exclusive Laminar Air Flow (LAF), Tempest has released a GFCI compatible, electric platform version of the fan, coined the SP VS.

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Honda Generator and Ground Scene Light

Product From Traffic Safety System, L.L.C.

The FRC Portable 750 watt ground light and the Honda 1000i generator are a perfect match of "Bright" and "Quiet". With long run times and very portable this is the gear to have on every truck. Optional LED Spectra lamp head and Honda eu2000i generator.

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