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SPARKGAP alerts first responders and then keeps incident commanders up-to-date regarding who is responding and when they will arrive. The system encrypts sensitive messages for operational security, and it delivers high-priority messages in approximately 4 seconds. SPARKGAP is a highly redundant, dedicated system, and pager batteries last 1-2 weeks between recharging. So the system stays operational, responders stay in communication, and agencies remain ready even during prolonged regional disaster scenarios such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and blackouts.

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Powerheart G3 Pro

Product From Cardiac Science Corp.

With a host of benefits, the G3 Pro comes fully equipped with:

+ Color ECG display, manual override, and 3–lead ECG monitoring capabilities.

+ Our patented Rescue Ready technology to self-test all critical components

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StreetWise CADlink Tablet Response Software

Product From Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC

Response and tactical software that provides real time, map-based collaboration among responding units using Android tablet computers. Includes incident notification, mapping, navigational routing, automatic vehicle location and tracking, command waypoint sharing, group messaging, photo shaing and more. Includes pre-incident planning survey and pre-plan management, with automated push to responding tablets. All live and in real time.

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Product From Ewareness

eWareness is the publisher of

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Product From E9 Networks LLC

Fire Station Alerting System -- that combines Ultra High Quality Text to Speech Synthesis with Fully Distributed Architecture and Seamless Automatic Radio Backup, providing the Best Possible Solution for "Mission Critical" IP Fire Station Alerting.

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Stockroom for EMS & Fire Organizations

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

Stockroom for EMS Providers

Markers, location and identification; Bar code systems; Inventory systems; Maintenance and repair; Consulting Services; Hardware; Mobile; Peripherals; Software, data systems

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Motorola Equipment

Product From Infinity Wireless

Portable & Mobile Radios, Pagers, Battery's, Repeaters, Shoulder Microphones, Headsets. Sales, Service and Rentals.

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VoDaEo Reporter

Product From Falcon Direct

New VoDaEo reporter notifies you directly on you 2-way radio and/or pager when unauthorized entry is made or smoke is detected at your fire station.

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SuperStop GloGlov SS8084

Product From Glo Concepts, LLC.

Our new SuperStop GloGlov is the latest and most retro reflective on the market. The FULL STOP on the palm makes it very clear what you want motorists,etc to see. Made in the USA. Sold by the inventor. Quality qaranteed!

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Product From Medical Technology Solutions

Web based scheduling, document manager, announcements, educational tracking, online chat and more.

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Product From Logan Fire Apparatus

Builder of custom Emergency Apparatus

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