GearGrid Unveils Station Wagon line

GearGrid Unveils Station Wagon line

GearGrid Unveils Station Wagon line Product Image

Extending its well-known GearGrid™ line of customizable, heavy-duty storage systems designed for fast drying, secure protection of fire and rescue operation gear and apparatus storage products, GearGrid Corporation recently announced the addition of its new Station Wagon™ line of products for transporting cylinders, hose and related equipment within the fire station and on apparatus. Designed by GearGrid Co-Owner and retired Assistant Fire Chief, Michael Boyer, the Station Wagon line of products specifically addresses both health and safety initiatives within today's fire service by minimizing lifting related incidents while ensuring proper and secure on-board storage of difficult to store items.

Constructed from heavy gauge steel tubing, the Station Wagon is designed to fit through standard doorways while maintaining a tight turning radius allowing for easy maneuvering within the station and on the fire ground. Removable storage baskets for cylinders (SCBA, SCUBA and oxygen), hose and other equipment are easily secured to the base unit with locking mechanism that can be easily loaded and deployed by one operator.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with on-board storage for fire apparatus creating an ideal storage platform for pull-out storage drawers. According to Bob Foht, Director of Sales and Marketing, "The Station Wagon system, much like the GearGrid Swing-Out Tool Boards, looks to maximize storage space by utilizing all areas within a fire truck's compartment."

GearGrid Corporation markets its GearGrid® line of high-performance storage equipment, all manufactured in its Forest Lake, Minnesota headquarters and production facility, throughout the world. It also provides specialized solutions, including custom wire forming and fabrication for display and POP applications and OEM components, to a variety of markets and manufacturers worldwide. Learn more at

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UniMac Offers 200-Pound Load Tumble Dryer

Product From UniMac

UniMac®, a leading provider of on-premises laundry equipment, has expanded its product offering with the introduction of the UT200, a 200-pound tumble dryer. 

With the addition of the UT200, UniMac has one of the most extensive lines of on-premises tumble dryers in the industry, with capacities from 25 to 200 pounds, including 30- and 45-pound capacity stacked models. The UT200 not only has an extra-large capacity, it provides superior efficiency with a high-performance heater box. Sealed cylinder rims and a concentrated airflow pattern ensure no heat escapes, helping to keep utility costs down and to maximize productivity. The self-cleaning lint screen means fast, efficient lint removal from the tumble dryer’s large storage area.

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Continental Offers New, Highly Programmable Washer

Product From Continental Girbau, Inc.

Oshkosh, Wis.--Continental ExpressWash™ Washers properly clean firefighter protective gear according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and gear manufacturer guidelines.

Because ExpressWash Washers are highly programmable, they not only properly clean today’s protective fabrics, they will properly clean future fabrics yet to be introduced. Once an ExpressWash Washer is programmed, a fire department can wash a variety of items – turnout suit shells and liners, truck towels, EMS jump suits and more – with a simple touch of a button.

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Four-Fold XT

Product From Door Engineering & Manufacturing


Limited space in the apparatus bay can be concerning but with Door Engineering’s new inside-out design it is no longer an issue. The Four-Fold XT operator is interior mounted while the door panels fold to the exterior. This eliminates the bay space that is needed with the regular Four-Fold design.

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Agaia Offers New, All-Natural Bunker Gear Cleaning Agent

Product From Agaia Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, FL—August 6, 2013 — It’s no secret that firefighters are exposed to numerous and dangerous toxins and intense smoke in the line of duty creating toxic daily cleaning tasks for trucks, equipment and the safety bunker gear they wear.

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Ram Air Bunker Gear Dryers– 4-or 6-place models

Product From Ram Air Gear Dryer

Ram Air Gear Dryers—available in 4- or 6-unit models with heated or ambient air—safely and quickly dry all bunker gear components including helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and SCBAs. For more information visit:

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Ram Air Immersion/Hazmat/Turnout Gear Dryer - Model 4-IHT

Product From Ram Air Gear Dryer

Ram Air’s 4-IHT model is able to dry hazmat, immersion and dive suits that standard gear dryers cannot accommodate while still drying standard bunker gear and accessories. For more information visit:

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Plymovent Magnetic Grabber

Product From Plymovent Corp.

The Magnetic Grabber is a vehicle exhaust removal device that through a conical design, integrated magnets and center self-alignment, provides very quick, easy and controlled connection and disconnection to a vehicle

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Avon-ISI Viking Z Seven SCBA

Product From Avon Protection

AVON PROTECTION has introduced the Avon-ISI Viking Z Seven self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), designed to equip firefighters with advanced respiratory protection and communications technology. A revised cylinder-connection assembly offers a larger cylinder hand wheel for ease of use with gloved hands together with a luminescent pressure gauge and cylinder band for enhanced visibility in dark or smoke-filled environments. The control console provides easy-to-use advanced communications and a voice-amplification system speaker with 10 voice threshold settings that reduce breathing noise.

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Product From S.J. Elton, Architect

Specializing in the design of Fire and EMS Stations.

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Fire Stations

Product From Manns Woodward Studios
  • Expertise with New & Renovated Facilities.
  • Expertise with extremely challenging sites.
  • Over 25 Facilities Designed within past 5 years.
  • Experience with stations ranging from 5,000 SF - 45,000 SF.
  • Ability to integrate training elements.
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