TitanStraps Offer New Way of Securing Fire Hose

TitanStraps Offer New Way of Securing Fire Hose

TitanStraps Offer New Way of Securing Fire Hose Product Image

TitanStraps are very easy to use, offer lots of adjustability, don't absorb water and freeze, no moving parts to bend or break, chemical resistant. The 25" TitanStraps® are equally adept at securing loads in Arizona's blistering summer heat or the typical sub-zero temperatures found in the far reaches of Alaska in January.

Bozeman Fire Department (Montana) used to use cam straps to organize the hoses. Now they're using TitanStraps and they've found that they save about 45 seconds to deploy the hoses.

Remaining supple in extreme temperatures and climates, TitanStraps® are made from a stretchy, high performance polymer that's been injected with a 10-year UV additive for extra longevity.

A polished, heat-treated aircraft aluminum buckle is over-molded in the manufacturing process for bombproof strength. Simple in design, high in function, you'll find hundreds of uses for TitanStraps® - from securing ladders, PVC pipe, rebar, and 2 x 4's on a lumber rack to bundling hoses to organizing items in your garage.

TitanStraps® offer excellent adjustability and can be 'daisy-chained' together for extra length. When the mercury drops, you'll appreciate the aggressive pull-tab for use with winter gloves or mittens and our straps can easily be 'quick released' with one hand. In addition, the straps are non-marring so you don't have to worry about scuffmarks on your vehicle.

The high-visibility strap doesn't use hooks, making them safer than typical bungee cords. Made in USA.

Dimensions: 25" x 1" x 3/16" (63.5 cm x 2.54 cm x .48 cm) Color: Orange (Blue and Grey will be available in March. Stay tuned!) Weight: 2.4oz (4.25 g)

Working Load Limit: 70lbs (31.75 kg) - *failure occurs at 206lbs (93.44 kg) 

For more information, visit www.titanstraps.com

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Ari-Hetra Introduces New Heavy-Duty Drum and Disc Lathe

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 Manassas, VA – ARI-HETRA has just announced the introduction of the WS-BL2000 Heavy-Duty Drum and Disc Lathe that was designed specifically for bus, truck and trailer wheels.

ARI-HETRA’s Model WS-BL2000 Brake Lathe produces an evenly cut drum (Max. Drum Turning Dia. 33.5 in.), rotor (Max. Disc Turning Dia. 20 in.) or flywheel.

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The new system includes the following props: One Ton Chlorine Cylinder Prop • 55 Gallon Drum Leak Prop • 55 Gallon Reacting Drum Prop • Compressed Bulk Storage Cylinder Prop • Vertical Leaking Bulk Storage Tank.

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Silent Partner Technologies Releases New RFID Product

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Silent Partner Technologies (SPT) leader in RFID Technology, announced its latest product line specifically for Fire and EMS organizations—IntelliView, and IntelliShelf further extending its Asset and Inventory Management system for Fire and EMS organizations.

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Maker Consulting Release ProFARS

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The ProActive Fire and Rescue System (ProFARS™) was developed by Maker Consulting as a turnkey solution for real world emergency management.  The multi-tiered system architecture enables ProFARS™ to be the first and only platform designed to facilitate emergency coordination and cooperation between government, private sector, and civilian populations.  Combining ProFARS™ with mainstream technology has created a platform in which Dynamic Population Alerting and Real Time Location Tracking are achievable.  ProFARS™ utilizes Tier-Specific functionality while maintaining a specific level of system integration to provide immediate access to previously unobtainable information.  ProFARS™ is being offered to Fire and Rescue Departments for FREE. Learn more: 

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ALGIZ 10X rugged tablet computer

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Pulsar Weather Station

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Stanley Boats - Fire-Rescue-Patrol

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Stanley Aluminum Boats are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, including hard-top vessels with fully enclosed wheelhouses, for all-weather ops.  Ideal for fire-rescue-SAR and dive ops.

Fire Rescue, Patrol & Law Enforcement boats online: 

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