ISG Launches New Personal Thermal Imager

ISG Launches New Personal Thermal Imager

ISG Launches New Personal Thermal Imager Product Image

ISG Infrasys, the world leaders in firefighting thermal imaging, have launched the all-new X380; a powerful but small-format personal camera that delivers all the image clarity and features of a larger camera.

The X380 offers super-clear clarity with high-resolution imagery and a full-size LCD, all housed inside a lightweight and compact system. The camera can be custom-made to suit the exact requirements or budget of a fire department.

With features such as Intelligent Focus and Direct Temperature Measurement (DTM) installed as standard, customers will be able to opt for a simplified version with a single-button set-up for power on/off or up to a five button configuration providing exclusive functionality like the New Cold Spot Tracker, designed to allow first responders to locate and pin-point thread or valve gas leaks, or the Hot Spot Tracker, which allows the user to measure high temperatures in an entirely new and dynamic way.

David Little, CEO of ISG Infrasys comments, “Our engineering teams are well known for their expertise in enhancing the effectiveness of thermal imaging for first responder applications, with the launch of the X380, we continue to provide unique features that improve a firefighter’s situational awareness in hazardous environments”. David continues, “No one maximises the potential of thermal imaging like ISG Infrasys, it’s at the core of what we do."

ISG Infrasys sell through a supported network of global distribution partners.

For more information about the X380 or ISG, visit

ISG Infrasys is a leading global provider of handheld thermal imaging in the specialist field of firefighting. The company was founded in 1991 as ISG Thermal Systems and was the first manufacturer to enhance the usefulness of thermal imaging by incorporating direct temperature measurement, a function now seen in all firefighting cameras.

The company design and manufacturers thermal imaging cameras in both the USA and UK and has distribution partners throughout the world.

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FLIR K-Series K40 and K50 Thermal Imaging Cameras

Product From FLIR Systems, Inc.

Starting under $4,000, FLIR’s high-performance yet economical K-Series thermal imaging cameras (TICs) are designed for easier operation and superior visibility. Both the K40 (240×180) and the K50 (320×240) feature five imaging modes including NFPA TI Basic, Heat Detection, and SAR. A bright 4” LCD clearly shows detailed images and colorized isotherms to help see better in the smokiest conditions. Oversized buttons for gloved hands allow quick toggling through modes and access to zoom and other functions. K-Series also offers onboard image storage of hundreds of thermal JPEGs, which can be viewed from the camera’s archive at any time or exported via USB later to put into reports.

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Argus Releases New Small, NFPA Compliant TIC

Product From E2V Technologies

Argus from e2v has produced its first range of NFPA compliant Thermal Imaging Cameras, and they are significantly smaller and lighter than any other NFPA camera on the market.

The NFPA 1801:2013 standard has been created to specify design, performance, testing and certification requirements for thermal imaging cameras used by the fire service during emergency incident operations.

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Pro 100 Portable Hot Shower and Water Heater

Product From

The Pro 100 portable hot shower system provides instant hot showers anytime, anywhere in just seconds. Easy to use

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Pro 70 Portable Hot Shower and Water Heater

Product From

The Pro 70 portable hot shower system provides instant hot showers anytime, anywhere in just seconds. Easy to use

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FDC with Swivel-Guard

Product From Knox Co.
The Knox Company has developed a new Knox FDC plug with Swivel-Guard that covers the entire swivel connection. Since the Swivel-Guard covers the entire swivel connection, it minimizes the potential of the connection being stolen. With Swivel-Guard, the set screw is no longer accessible making it more difficult to remove the brass connection.
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Tempest Unveils Special Ops Power Blower

Product From Tempest Technology Corp.

Following one year since the introduction of the SP Power Blower and its exclusive Laminar Air Flow (LAF), Tempest has released a GFCI compatible, electric platform version of the fan, coined the SP VS.

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Honda Generator and Ground Scene Light

Product From Traffic Safety System, L.L.C.

The FRC Portable 750 watt ground light and the Honda 1000i generator are a perfect match of "Bright" and "Quiet". With long run times and very portable this is the gear to have on every truck. Optional LED Spectra lamp head and Honda eu2000i generator.

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Telelite Generator Scene light

Product From Traffic Safety System, L.L.C.

Designed and Manufactured exclusively by TELE-LITE, the TEH-27.5D light/generator provides 750 watts of Quartz Halogen lighting. These generator/lighting units are powered by the Honda EU2000i 2000-watt inverter-style generator and are quiet, light-weight and fold for compact storage

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Hannay Offers New Live Connection Power Reel

Product From Hannay Reels, Inc.


Hannay Reels ECR1600 cable reel offers a live connection of power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly with an electric rewind and switch and solenoid.


The reel is designed for use on rescue vehicles for power tools, electric cable and other uses that require a safe, continuous current during cable payout and rewind.

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Lind Equipment Introduces Beacon Scene Light

Product From Lind Equipment USA

Lind Equipment introduces the newest addition to its Beacon Light line of portable LED floodlights, the Beacon360.

The Beacon360 is a 120W LED area light that has a 360 degree beam for illuminating an entire room or outdoor work area at once. The Beacon360 can light up over 50 feet in each direction and is weatherproof for outdoor use. The innovative patent pending design of the Beacon360 generates very little heat, never requires a bulb change and uses 70 percent less energy than traditional lighting options.

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