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The Fire Inspection Challenge

Some of our clients were requesting a thinner lite version of our fire inspection software that was capable of doing fire inspections from the field utilizing the newest Android and/or iPad Devices.

The Solution:

OneStep Web Fire Inspection Software

OneStep Web fire inspection software is device agnostic and optimized for a screen size greater than 7" .

You can now do your full fire inspections right from your Android or iPad device.

OneStep Systems decided to take this even further enhancing and incorporating our Smarter Mapping technologies.

From their devices, OneStep Web enables inspectors to be able to:

  • Map and search their fire inspections
  • Create new inspections
  • Log and record the deficiencies
  • add pictures as desired
  • Change the contact details
  • Utilize GPS
  • Look up Permits
  • Map several different inspections for the same address
  • Review and add Fire codes to an inspection entry
  • Can run off of OneStep Cloud or
  • Can synchronize to your own servers database using OneStep Desktop and/or OneStep Mobile

Contact Us for more information and see how our software can improve your production and enhance the quality of your inspections.

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Maker Consulting Release ProFARS

Product From Maker Consulting

The ProActive Fire and Rescue System (ProFARS™) was developed by Maker Consulting as a turnkey solution for real world emergency management.  The multi-tiered system architecture enables ProFARS™ to be the first and only platform designed to facilitate emergency coordination and cooperation between government, private sector, and civilian populations.  Combining ProFARS™ with mainstream technology has created a platform in which Dynamic Population Alerting and Real Time Location Tracking are achievable.  ProFARS™ utilizes Tier-Specific functionality while maintaining a specific level of system integration to provide immediate access to previously unobtainable information.  ProFARS™ is being offered to Fire and Rescue Departments for FREE. Learn more: 

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ALGIZ 10X rugged tablet computer

Product From Handheld US, HHCS

The powerful Algiz® 10X rugged tablet PC runs sophisticated technology and can withstand weather elements and harsh handling - a perfect match for today's mobile workforce. It operates on a powerful Intel® Atom™ N2800 dual-core processor, with a 128 GB SSD, expandable via microSD™ and 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, offering top-of-the-line computing capability and massive storage capacity. It runs Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Rescue Bridge

Product From ImageTrend, Inc.

Rescue Bridge™ is an advanced and comprehensive fire and EMS solution incorporating ePCR, fire inspections, pre-planning and inventory data collection and management in a paperless environment. Administrative efficiencies are available for statewide, regional or local levels. Visit

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Nautiz X1 ultra-rugged Android smartphone

Product From Handheld US, HHCS

The Nautiz X1® is the perfect blending of a smartphone and a rugged handheld. It breaks through barriers of size, toughness and reliability to offer field professionals and outdoor enthusiasts the proven ruggedness of a Nautiz handheld in a true smartphone that runs the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 operating system.

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Algiz 7 ultra-rugged tablet computer

Product From Handheld US, HHCS

The Algiz 7® represents the next generation of mobile PC performance. This rugged tablet PC is small, light and fast, with multiple connectivity options and a wide range of functionality. If you work with detailed maps or other visuals and need a larger display than a handheld, or if you need full Windows PC functionality, this Algiz tablet's 7-inch screen and Windows 7 platform make it a great solution. And it's tough enough to work in the most challenging environments.

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Product From Alsea Geospatial, Inc.

IncidentView, by Alsea Geospatial, Inc. (AGI), is First Responder mapping software.  IncidentView finds response locations by address, intersections, landmarks and coordinates.  Clickable dispatches are displayed in a popup which zooms the map to the response location.

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Pelican Products Offers New Hard Case for iPads

Product From Pelican Products, Inc.

TORRANCE, CA – Some in the media are calling 2013 the Year of the Tablet. With that in mind, Pelican Products, Inc. has introduced the Pelican ProGear™ i1065 HardBack™ Case to offer an extremely rugged, yet versatile case to protect and display the iPad® (generations 2 - 4).

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Alluviam Releases New CBRNE/HME Database

Product From Alluviam, LLC.

Setting the standard for CBRNE/HME decision support, Alluviam is proud to release version 17 of HazMasterG3 – now with an expanded database of 165,000+ materials and tradenames.

With proprietary tools and unique capabilities to answer “so what does that mean” types of questions, HazMasterG3 redefines comprehensive CBRNE/HME decision support.

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OneStep Mobile

Product From OneStep Systems

Mobile Inspection Challenges and Solutions

With all of the new different types of devices such as Tablet PC's, and Laptops hitting the main stream;  keeping your devices synchronized with a single master database can be tricky at the best of times. Multiple users inserting and editing information affecting the same database can be be a painful excercise for any skilled manager or admin trying to gather and analyze needed and vital information.

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OneStep Cloud

Product From OneStep Systems

Move to the cloud


Any information technology (IT) manager will tell you that maintaining a server and all that is involved is a full time job and then some.


Unfortunately, with the times we are living in,  we are challenged with budget cuts that are affecting all departments, including IT.

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