Simple Track Develops New IC Management Software

Simple Track Develops New IC Management Software

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Simple Track LLC announced that its breakthrough incident command management software, Tablet Command, can now be integrated with computer aided dispatch systems. The announcement was made at APCO 2013, a major public safety communications conference.

Tablet Command is tablet-based incident command software that allows emergency managers to tap-and-drag emergency units onto an incident map, track progress against critical checklists, and time-stamp every maneuver and benchmark throughout an emergency response. Such features improve crew safety by maintaining real time accountability throughout an incident and allowing vastly more accurate after-action reviews.

Simple Track introduced Tablet Command as a stand-alone app early in 2013. Many initial users saw potential for the app to be used at an enterprise level and requested CAD integration. Simple Track developed an enterprise version and installed beta trials in several California fire departments, including Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, the cofounders’ home department.

“Tablet Command was built to be expandable with great vision and is easy to use,” according to Fire Captain Dave Lindsay of the Contra Costa County Fire Department. Lindsay has been using the software since it was released.

Tablet Command software has been adopted by emergency managers from many parts of the public safety and military community, as well as private event and natural resource companies. The software is currently the focus of a national study to determine whether time-stamped incident command enhances accountability and increases margins of safety on the fireground.

About Simple Track

Simple Track was founded in 2012 by Andy Bozzo and William Pigeon, two firefighters from the Bay Area who were compelled to design personnel safety and accountability software for tablets when they could not find anything that was simple and intuitive to track first responders.

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Apache Fire Industries Introduces Lighted Hose Adapter

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In nature, the Fire Ant is well known for its strength and loyalty to its purpose in life. In the fire service, the same could be said about the firefighter. At Apache Fire Industries, the requirements and standards to become a firefighter are valued. We know what it takes and how hard firefighters train to stay safe on the job. After all, the Fire Ant was invented by a firefighter for a firefighter.

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Bayco Products Introduces New Nightstick Flashlight

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Professionals belonging to the fields of law enforcement, over-the-road (OTR) driving, security, and others where powerful in-vehicle lights are needed, know the necessity of having access to both flashlights and floodlights.

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Tempest Unveils Special Ops Power Blower

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Following one year since the introduction of the SP Power Blower and its exclusive Laminar Air Flow (LAF), Tempest has released a GFCI compatible, electric platform version of the fan, coined the SP VS.

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Honda Generator and Ground Scene Light

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The FRC Portable 750 watt ground light and the Honda 1000i generator are a perfect match of "Bright" and "Quiet". With long run times and very portable this is the gear to have on every truck. Optional LED Spectra lamp head and Honda eu2000i generator.

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Telelite Generator Scene light

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Designed and Manufactured exclusively by TELE-LITE, the TEH-27.5D light/generator provides 750 watts of Quartz Halogen lighting. These generator/lighting units are powered by the Honda EU2000i 2000-watt inverter-style generator and are quiet, light-weight and fold for compact storage

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Hannay Offers New Live Connection Power Reel

Product From Hannay Reels, Inc.


Hannay Reels ECR1600 cable reel offers a live connection of power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly with an electric rewind and switch and solenoid.


The reel is designed for use on rescue vehicles for power tools, electric cable and other uses that require a safe, continuous current during cable payout and rewind.

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Lind Equipment Introduces Beacon Scene Light

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Lind Equipment introduces the newest addition to its Beacon Light line of portable LED floodlights, the Beacon360.

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Tempest Introduces Electric Ventilation Fan Line

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Tempest Technology Corporation has released its latest tool in high performance electric ventilation, the VSR.

The VSR comes to Tempest’s line up of Variable Speed, GFCI Compatible Positive Pressure Ventilation fans bearing the highest air output and CFM performance. This is all made possible by the unit’s large 2.0 HP motor and Tempest’s latest VS Drive. The drive, which is also a recent development from the company, is both GFCI compatible and NEMA 4 rated.

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Buckeye Fire Foam

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Buckeye Fire Foams @



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Portable Scene Light

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