Dual Range Nozzles

Dual Range Nozzles

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Dual Range Nozzles give the operator more control with both a low flow and a high flow rate setting.  Crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum, S&H Dual Range nozzles are ultra-lightweight and extremely durable.  Adjustable fog and straight stream patterns w/ a twist shut-off provide superior control.  The ozone resistant neoprene bumper provides increased fog pattern density as well as protection from damage.  These nozzles are designed to meet or exceed U.S. Forest Service Performance Specifications (FSS).  Made in the U.S.A.


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Smooth Bore Nozzle

Product From S&H Products, Inc.


These lightweight firefighting nozzle tips are constructed with anodized aluminum for use in wildland and structure firefighting applications.  It is available with 1” and 1.5” inlets in either NST/NH or NPSH/NP threads. The outlets range from 1/8” to 1-1/8”. Available in tapered or crown tip.

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Break-apart Attack Nozzle

Product From S&H Products, Inc.


Break Apart Attack Nozzles are a combination of the pistol grip shut-off valve and either the constant flow or dual range nozzle.  This pairing of products offers simple versatility. Proven to be cost-effective and user friendly for first responders in either wildland or structure fire

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Constant Flow Nozzles

Product From S&H Products, Inc.


Crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum, S & H Constant Flow nozzles are ultra-lightweight, compact and extremely durable.  Adjustable fog and straight stream patterns w/ twist shut-off provides superior control.

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Tempest Introduces Electric Ventilation Fan Line

Product From Tempest Technology Corp.

Tempest Technology Corporation has released its latest tool in high performance electric ventilation, the VSR.

The VSR comes to Tempest’s line up of Variable Speed, GFCI Compatible Positive Pressure Ventilation fans bearing the highest air output and CFM performance. This is all made possible by the unit’s large 2.0 HP motor and Tempest’s latest VS Drive. The drive, which is also a recent development from the company, is both GFCI compatible and NEMA 4 rated.

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Buckeye Fire Foam

Product From GatewayFireSupply.com

Buckeye Fire Foams @ GatewayFireSupply.com



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Portable Scene Light

Product From Streamlight, Inc.

Rapidly deployed and easily stowed, the Portable Scene Light brings 3,600 lumens to your work area.  With its narrow footprint and 72" extension pole, it goes almost anywhere, from wide open places to tight, confined spaces.

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908 Devices Releases New Hazmat Detection, ID Tool

Product From 908 Devices Inc.

 Boston, MA: 908 Devices, a pioneer of purpose-built analytical devices for chemical analysis, is delighted to introduce M908™, the world’s first and only handheld tool utilizing high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) for trace-level chemical detection and identification.

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FLIR K-Series K40 and K50 Thermal Imaging Cameras

Product From FLIR Systems, Inc.

Starting under $4,000, FLIR’s high-performance yet economical K-Series thermal imaging cameras (TICs) are designed for easier operation and superior visibility. Both the K40 (240×180) and the K50 (320×240) feature five imaging modes including NFPA TI Basic, Heat Detection, and SAR. A bright 4” LCD clearly shows detailed images and colorized isotherms to help see better in the smokiest conditions. Oversized buttons for gloved hands allow quick toggling through modes and access to zoom and other functions. K-Series also offers onboard image storage of hundreds of thermal JPEGs, which can be viewed from the camera’s archive at any time or exported via USB later to put into reports.

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Roco and CMC Release New Class III Harness

Product From Roco Rescue

Imagine donning a Class III harness in as little as 8 seconds! Introducing the NEW "No-Step" Work-Rescue Harness from Roco and CMC.

Because of its innovative “no-step” donning, comfort fit and lightweight design, this new harness will appeal to rescuers, rope access technicians, tower climbers, and other professionals working in the vertical environment.

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Product From FireGearPros.com

"Why not put everything needed to catch a hydrant in one place?"

This sturdy, thoughtfully designed bag stores with the fire hose for quick deployment of hydrant wrenches and adaptors.


  • Dual compartments separate wrenches from adaptors
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