Start-up Company Makes New Helmet Tool System

Start-up Company Makes New Helmet Tool System

Start-up Company Makes New Helmet Tool System Product Image

3LS, Inc., an entrepreneurial start-up product firm, announces its GUTS tool brand, and its first product, Helmet Mount One (HM1).

The start-up is raising capital by crowdsourcing on, a leading online source. 3LS was started by entrepreneurs Kris Nagy and Ed Machen.

Kris Nagy is President,responsible for sales and marketing. He is also a firefighter with 21 years of experience as a First Responder.

Ed Machen, an industrial designer with 35 years of experience, is the creative engineer and will oversee production.

3LS defines itself as THE go-to source for tools that matter. The GUTS (General Utility Tool Systems) brand is a high quality line directed at helmet/hard hat wearing first responders and construction workers.

The GUTS brand will be built on multi-function products that offer great design, utility and value to the end users.

The HM1 is a unique product that allows a user to reliably mount a variety of devices such as a flashlight, video camera, to small tools,or just about any object lessthan 1 1/2” in diameter, and remove it without tools. This is an industry-first.

The HM1 is extremely useful, durable and constructed from fire resistant materials used in firefighters’ protective bunker gear.

3LS launched the Kickstarter HM1 campaign September 1, 2013 with a goal of reaching $8,800 during the 30 day campaign.

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FXM Turnout Gear

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FX-M features a modern tapered hem coat that is longer in the back and shorter in front giving you maximum coverage where you need it, and just as importantly, less where you don’t. In addition, FXM incorporates the DexFlex™ knees and elbows that are pre-bent for more flexibility and freedom of movement. A seamless crotch gusset provides less restriction and more durability.

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Strong Leather Offers RFID Protective Wallets

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Strong Leather, the leading leather goods manufacturer since 1932, is proud to introduce their new line of RFID Shielding Leather Badge Cases, Wallets, Credit Card Sleeves and ID holder to hang around the neck that protect against unauthorized RF scanning of personal and departmental information.

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Tempest Introduces Electric Ventilation Fan Line

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Tempest Technology Corporation has released its latest tool in high performance electric ventilation, the VSR.

The VSR comes to Tempest’s line up of Variable Speed, GFCI Compatible Positive Pressure Ventilation fans bearing the highest air output and CFM performance. This is all made possible by the unit’s large 2.0 HP motor and Tempest’s latest VS Drive. The drive, which is also a recent development from the company, is both GFCI compatible and NEMA 4 rated.

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Sturdy 600-denier urethane coated polyester fabric forms the bottom and ends. Heavy-duty mesh in the top allows moisture and odors to leave. All the handle stress points backed with webbing on the inside of the bag so they can't pull out. A removable shoulder strap is included. S
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Buckeye Fire Foams @



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Portable Scene Light

Product From Streamlight, Inc.

Rapidly deployed and easily stowed, the Portable Scene Light brings 3,600 lumens to your work area.  With its narrow footprint and 72" extension pole, it goes almost anywhere, from wide open places to tight, confined spaces.

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5.11 Tactical Launches Line To Support Folds of Honor

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5.11 Tactical®, the global innovator of tactical gear, is acknowledging Memorial Day 2014 by launching a Folds of Honor collection of pants, jackets, t-shirts, bags, a flashlight and knife that all feature the non-profit organization’s logo.

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908 Devices Releases New Hazmat Detection, ID Tool

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 Boston, MA: 908 Devices, a pioneer of purpose-built analytical devices for chemical analysis, is delighted to introduce M908™, the world’s first and only handheld tool utilizing high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) for trace-level chemical detection and identification.

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Firefighter Start Up Company Tools Now Available

Product From 3LS, Inc

3LS inc., an entrepreneurial start-up product firm, announces its GUTS tool brand, and their first product, Helmet Mount One(HM1).

The HM1 is a helmet mounting system.The key difference from other products in the market is the ability to mount nearly any small flashlight, bullet camera or tool to a helmet. 3LS was started by entrepreneurs Kris Nagy and Ed Machen.

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ESS Crossbow Photochromic®

Product From Eye Safety Systems, Inc.

The Crossbow Photochromic® redefines functional eye protection for firefighters. Developed in conjunction with Transitions Optical, the Crossbow Photochromic® has light-adapting technology which provides fast adjusting tint change allowing users to have one single ballistic eye piece that works both indoors and outdoors. Its ClearZone™ FlowCoat technology minimizes scratches and provides unmatched anti-fog capability. The Tri-Tech™ Fit ergonomics offer universal comfort and stability with zero pressure points. Distortion-free ESSOPTICS™ exceed rigorous standards, offering a true view of your objective. And the Crossbow’s patented DedBolt™ Lens Lock pivots open for quick lens exchange or locks shut for rock-solid retention under impact. Meets or Exceeds: U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF-31013 (clause, ANSI Z87.1-2010, U.S. OSHA

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