Start-up Company Makes New Helmet Tool System

Start-up Company Makes New Helmet Tool System

Start-up Company Makes New Helmet Tool System Product Image

3LS, Inc., an entrepreneurial start-up product firm, announces its GUTS tool brand, and its first product, Helmet Mount One (HM1).

The start-up is raising capital by crowdsourcing on, a leading online source. 3LS was started by entrepreneurs Kris Nagy and Ed Machen.

Kris Nagy is President,responsible for sales and marketing. He is also a firefighter with 21 years of experience as a First Responder.

Ed Machen, an industrial designer with 35 years of experience, is the creative engineer and will oversee production.

3LS defines itself as THE go-to source for tools that matter. The GUTS (General Utility Tool Systems) brand is a high quality line directed at helmet/hard hat wearing first responders and construction workers.

The GUTS brand will be built on multi-function products that offer great design, utility and value to the end users.

The HM1 is a unique product that allows a user to reliably mount a variety of devices such as a flashlight, video camera, to small tools,or just about any object lessthan 1 1/2” in diameter, and remove it without tools. This is an industry-first.

The HM1 is extremely useful, durable and constructed from fire resistant materials used in firefighters’ protective bunker gear.

3LS launched the Kickstarter HM1 campaign September 1, 2013 with a goal of reaching $8,800 during the 30 day campaign.

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Tempest Unveils Special Ops Power Blower

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Following one year since the introduction of the SP Power Blower and its exclusive Laminar Air Flow (LAF), Tempest has released a GFCI compatible, electric platform version of the fan, coined the SP VS.

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Telelite Generator Scene light

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Hannay Reels ECR1600 cable reel offers a live connection of power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly with an electric rewind and switch and solenoid.


The reel is designed for use on rescue vehicles for power tools, electric cable and other uses that require a safe, continuous current during cable payout and rewind.

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THREAD SAVER® will save you money, as much as $275.00 to repair your damaged valve body.

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One size fits all.

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PASS Device Alarm

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The SuperPASS 3 was designed and tested to meet the life safety needs of firefighters. It is third party certified Compliant to NFPA 1982, Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS), 2007 Edition.

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