LEADER Announces New Line of Collapse Victim Detection System

LEADER Announces New Line of Collapse Victim Detection System

LEADER Announces New Line of Collapse Victim Detection System Product Image

LEADER is proud to introduce a new generation of search and rescue equipment designed for technical search specialists by technical search specialists.

These innovative products are lightweight, ergonomic and efficient to give the greatest advantage in all phases of search (Hasty, Primary and Secondary).

This range of equipment has been vastly improved, offering cutting edge efficiency and reliability during search and rescue operations. 

LEADER Search wireless life detector is used in rescue operations to detect and then locate the position of victims entombed in collapsed structures.

LEADER Search will pinpoint and detect the slightest of vibrations by effectively turning the entire structure into a giant microphone. Featuring three wireless sensors with a range in excess of 100m (328 feet), and the additional option of up to three wired sensors, the LEADER Search delivers unequalled flexibility, sound quality and sound propagation.

LEADER Search comes complete with an ultra-lightweight and compact control box incorporating a high resolution full colour screen and user friendly menus and graphics.

Offering versatility in choice - whether you choose the LEADER Search 3 wireless sensor option through to the complete 3 wireless / 3 wired version, we provide a robust waterproof two-way audio communication probe.

LEADER Cam search camera with communication is used during rescue operations to visually locate and communicate with victims. It is designed to identify with accuracy and precision the location of buried victims in difficult to enter confined spaces, communicate with them and evaluate and monitor their condition.

Completely redesigned, its new compact and lightweight features provide the operator unrivalled ease of use.

Its ultra-lightweight carbon fibre telescopic probe, extra-large high-resolution full colour screen, user friendly menu and graphics make the LEADER Cam the ideal tool for search operations. Its flexibility makes it ideal for use in a one man operation or when working as a team.

See more product details LEADER Hasty The WORLD’S only multi-functional HASTY tool: SEE, SEARCH and SAVE with just one tool! LEADER Hasty combines: A search camera mode for a visual and precise location of victims. Its ultra-lightweight probe is equipped with high intensity lights and flexible articulation of the camera head, which incorporates a microphone/speaker to allow communication between rescuer and victim. 

A seismic detection mode for use with up to two wireless sensors for detecting signs of life. The ability to switch instantly between “visual search mode” and WIRELESS “audible search mode” in one deployment vastly improves the effectiveness and mobility of the rescuer and greatly reduces the time taken to find victims while increasing their chance of survival.

 A major company for several decades, LEADER designs, manufactures and distributes high performing equipment used in firefighting and search and rescue applications.

LEADER offers innovative products such as firefighting PPV fans, Search and Rescue equipment, helmets, water and foam extinguishers, training equipment such as flame simulators, training doors, etc. For more information visit: http://www.leadernorthamerica.com

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Leader Introduces Product to Help Detect Collapse


Designed by LEADER in collaboration with international experts in victim research techniques USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), LEADER Sentry provides additional security of intervention areas on which are engaged rescuers rescue teams, doctors and other persons or victims.

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Packexe SMASH

Product From Packexe Ltd

Packexe SMASH is a fast, effective glass management system for use in road vehicle extrications and forced entries to buildings.  It is distributed in the USA by Junkyard Dog (www.junkyarddogindustries.com

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2012 Top Innovations

Product From Ziamatic Corp.

Ziamatic’s Quic-Mount multiversal extrication tool holder is an adjustable, upright extrication tool mounting solution. The heavy-duty, cast aluminum QM-ET-MV boasts 10 independently adjustable components, including tilt angle, enabling it to safely and securely accommodate many popular makes and models of cutter, spreader and combination tool. Mounting to virtually any flat surface, this bracket eliminates the need for expensive custom-fabricated mounting boxes. Whether buying a new apparatus or replacing the tools on an existing one, a single multiversal extrication tool holder can be used over and over again with only a few minor adjustments.

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E Force C236 Cutter

Product From Genesis Rescue Sys.

Check out the new E Force battery powered tools from Genesis. 

Our battery tools utilize a commercially available battery from Milwaukee,  and provide the same cutting and spreading ability as our gas driven hydraulics.  The new EF C236 NXTgen battery tool provides the best from two worlds.  The cutter is powered by a Milwaukee battery and utilizes the Genesis NXTgen blade design to ensure your blades are always sharp.

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NXTgen Cutter With Replaceable Blades

Product From Howell Rescue Systems, Inc.

Introducing the NXTgen Cutter from Genesis Rescue with Replaceable Blades.  The ultimate "Stay Sharp" rescue cutter.

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The Ultimate Crash Kit!

Product From Howell Rescue Systems, Inc.

The "MV Crash Kit" provides the ultimate first responder and "First Due" Motor Vehcile Crash Kit.  All the tools you need first, now!

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Used Rescue Tools

Product From Howell Rescue Systems, Inc.

Shop now for quality, economical alternatives to new rescue tools.

We carry a full line of ALL makes of rescue tools.  All priced to sell and provide your with tested, working equipment.  Visit our web site and click on "Used Rescue Tools" or visit our sister web site at www.UsedRescueTools.com

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Rescue Tool Hose

Product From Howell Rescue Systems, Inc.

Shop and Compare pricing on rescue tool hose.

  • Upgrade today to new One Step Couplers (OSC).
  • Brand New 5,000 psi and 10,000 psi hose in custom lengths.
  • Customer colors.
  • Your specific coupler needs on all custom hose.
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Rescue Facts

Product From Rescue Facts

Medical ID Strap: Adult Safety Belt, Child Seat Safety Belt, Fire Fighter Suspenders, Large & Small Animal, Helmets, Medical Equipment i.e., wheelchairs, walkers, canes.

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Crash Course

Product From Howell Rescue Systems, Inc.

Howell Rescue Systems, Inc. offers the nation's premier 2-day auto extrication course each spring.

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