CROSSTECH® Footwear Fabric

CROSSTECH® Footwear Fabric

CROSSTECH® Footwear Fabric Product Image

Available in boots dual-certified to NFPA 1971 and 1992, CROSSTECH® footwear fabric leads the industry in providing durable, breathable protection for firefighter footwear. Firefighting boots with our fabric typically break in quickly, are easy to put on and take off, and are more flexible than rubber boots. This fabric stands up to the kind of tough conditions you face in the field, and it is exceptionally durable — even after repeated exposure to high heat. CROSSTECH® footwear fabric keeps your feet dry while resisting moisture, and it remained waterproof after multiple exposures to contaminants.

In a recent study, professional firefighters participated in simulated fire activities while wearing rubber boots and then leather boots. The activities were separated by a rest period. The study results indicated that the firefighters were four times more likely to have a hazardous slip when wearing rubber boots than when wearing leather boots. Visit for more information about this study.

Have you been told that rubber boots decontaminate better than leather boots? Gore tested this long-standing theory, and the results were surprising: leather samples were found to retain less residual chemical contamination than rubber samples following the same decontamination procedures. Visit to learn more about the study.

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Thorogood Boots Provide More Comfort, Support

Product From The knows hours on your feet can really wear you down and cause discomfort and even pain. The newest professional grade footwear from Thorogood addresses several key factors that can relieve your feet and allow you to focus on business instead of your sore feet.

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HAIX Introduces New USAR Boot

Product From HAIX North America, Inc.

HAIX®, a leading manufacturer of innovative and high quality fire fighting, rescue, law enforcement, hunting, and forestry footwear would like to introduce the all new Special Fighter USAR, a quad certified, multi-use boot for use in the most demanding and challenging rescue environments.

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Fire-Dex Introduces New Leather Structural Fire Boots

Product From Fire-Dex

Fire-Dex has released a new structural leather boot that offers lightweight comfort & protection together with a traditional, throwback styling that won't break your budget.

The FDXL-50 Grey Leather Boot exterior features a Vibram® FIRE&ICE™ sole, rubber reinforced toe and heel guards, padded shin guards, and integrated pull-on loops.

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All New HAIX Wildland Boot Available From

Product From HAIX North America, Inc. introduces the all-new 8-Inch HAIX Missoula Wildland / Hiking boot – a clear indication of HAIX ongoing dedication to incorporating the latest technological advances into the protective footwear used by firefighting professionals across the country.

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Ram Air Bunker Gear Dryers– 4-or 6-place models

Product From Ram Air Gear Dryer

Ram Air Gear Dryers—available in 4- or 6-unit models with heated or ambient air—safely and quickly dry all bunker gear components including helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and SCBAs. For more information visit:

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Ram Air Immersion/Hazmat/Turnout Gear Dryer - Model 4-IHT

Product From Ram Air Gear Dryer

Ram Air’s 4-IHT model is able to dry hazmat, immersion and dive suits that standard gear dryers cannot accommodate while still drying standard bunker gear and accessories. For more information visit:

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Fire Wash

Product From Fire Soaps

Fire Soaps introduces Fire Wash, a detergent for cleaning any outer shell, thermal liner and moisture-barrier combination. Designed for use with all PPE ensembles, it is packaged in a solid formula and is used with a dispenser and timer.

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Washer Control

Product From Continental Girbau, Inc.

CONTINENTAL GIRBAU INC. has released the highly programmable Logi Pro Control, now available on the 20-pound capacity E-Series washers and the complete line-up of M-Series washer-extractors for fire departments and other applications. The control offers up to 25 individually modifiable programs – each with up to 11 baths, including multiple pre-wash, wash and rinse phases. It features up to six programmable water levels; a delayed start and rinse option; overnight soak; cycle lockout; variable wash action; programmable extract speeds, including zero rotation; temperature controlled fill up to 194 degrees; and timed chemical dosing by the second. Additionally, it incorporates an all-new water and chemical adjustment feature. The user simply selects the size of the load – quarter load, half load, three-quarter load or full load. The control will automatically adjust the amount of water and chemicals according to the selected load size.

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Turnout Gear Wash Detergent

Product From Gear Wash - PPE SafetyCare Services

Turnout Gear Wash is an advanced laundry detergent developed specifically for Structural Turnouts and other Personal Protective garments.  Turnout Gear Wash has been formulated for the safe cleaning of advanced FR fabrics, reflective materials and hardware used on PPE.  Some of the key benefits of using Turnout Gear Wash to clean your organization's PPE include:

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SCRUBS(r) Hand Cleaner Towels

Product From ITW Professional Brands
  • Thoroughly clean hands without water
  • As effective as pumice soap away from the sink
  • Removes dirt, oil, grease, tar, adhesive, soot and more
  • Citrus-based, patented formula loosens, dissolves and traps soil
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