CROSSTECH® EMS fabric Product Image

Over half of fire department calls are for medical emergencies, and in today’s world it’s important to be protected against the hazards associated with blood and body fluids. Garments made with CROSSTECH® EMS fabric provide durable, NFPA 1999-certified protection against liquid penetration. At the same time, this lightweight fabric allows the heat from your body to escape, reducing your risk of heat stress and heat exhaustion.

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Mocean Offers Ballistic Body Armor For Responders

Product From Mocean, Inc.

Introducing Mocean's new 2-tone lightweight external vests carriers. Designed to accommodate the majority of ballistic body armor vests that are currently worn under a uniform shirt and are made of Cordura Nylon®.

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Aerial Ladder Boom Angle Indicator

Product From Rieker, Inc.
  • 4120 Series - Oversized inclinometer with High Visibility Markings - large numbers for easy read

  • Meets NFPA 1901 Standards
  • Hermetically sealed - assures dust free smooth and accurate reading

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Honeywell’s PRO Series 4200

Product From Honeywell First Responder Products

Honeywell’s PRO Series 4200 weighs less than five pounds.  It protects like rubber, wears like leather, and feels like a sneaker. The end product is the lightest fireboot the company has created...and it’s incredibly comfortable right out of the box.

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Overhaul Firefighters T-Shirt (BLACK)

Product From Black Helmet Apparel

Most of the time, the hardest work comes after the fire. Overhaul. Thats when you get the most dirty.... and break the most stuff. Has to be done. Nobody likes coming back for a rekindle.

Made in the U.S.A.

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TireStat Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems


TireStat™ “No-Nonsense” Tire Pressure Monitoring System


TireStat™ is a commercial-grade TPMS product which allows EMS to maximize safety with unique, flow-through sensor which allows air to be added without removing the sensor. Monitors tire pressure and temperature on each tire with pre-programmed installation and easy maintenance. TireStat alarms for low pressure, high pressure, high temperature and rapid leaks & includes a Handheld Monitor which also functions as a portable tire gauge.

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HI Viz Graphics, Door Decals

Product From The Patchman

Patchman HI VIZ  Reflective is proven 12 X more brighter than standard reflective graphics. see our comparison photos.

Patches - great quality - great pricing - great turn around!


New Apparatus Sales - Acres Emergency Vehicles.  Engines/Tenders/Rescues/Bushbuggys

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Product From The Patchman

Our own Patchman HI VIZ reflective is proven 12X brighter than other products available.

We also offer a full line of design and products from Patches to Uniforms, Signage, wraps, door decals.

Fire Apparatus Sales for Acres Emergency Vehicles.

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Strike Team Fire Gear

Product From Cascade Fire Equipment Company

Wildland brush coats and pants, Strike Team pants for men and women, Strike Team shirts, gear bags and packs, radio holders, face and neck protectors.

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EMS Supplies

Product From Penn Care, Inc.

Penn Care's EMS Supply Division distributes both disposable supplies and medical equipment to Fire Departments, Ambulance Services, Hospital Emergency Rooms, and First Aid units. Most of our products are used in emergency pre-hospital situations. Everything from intravenous (IV) kits, to traction splints and stretchers are handled through this division.

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911 10th Anniversary Patches

Product From Pacific Sportswear & Emblem Company

For all your 911 - 10th Anniversary and other 911 Patches, Flags, Dog Tags and more, make sure to go to

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