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JunkYard Dog Industries is proud to announce the successful completion of third party testing of the ZSTRUT™ this past week.  Following the same style of testing as performed on the XTEND™ model, the ZSTRUT™ was able to hold 11% additional force as compared to the XTEND™.  Testing was performed at a certified laboratory under strict conditions.  This third party verification of the rescue strut’s performance insures that rescuers using the JYD rescue struts can depend on their safety rating.

The ZipNut® collar and inner bar was tested as well and reached 27,428 pounds of force before testing was stopped.  After testing, the ZipNut® collar performed like new.

JunkYard Dog Industries will continue to rate the strut at 10,000 pounds and a safe working load limit of 5,000 pounds.

These tests leave no doubt of the integrity of design and manufacturing of both the Rescue Strut products.

With the introduction of the ZSTRUT, the rescue strut concept will be changed.  Based on the current strut system, the ZSTRUT brings a revolutionary concept – No More Adjustment Pin.  To replace the typical adjustment pin, JunkYard Dog Industries paired up with the people from ZipNut® Technologies to have exclusive use of their patented device.  By placing a double ZipNut® collar where the pin should be, and replacing the inner tube with a threaded stainless steel solid bar, an extremely easy and revolutionary system was created. 

The ZSTRUT is extended like this: Simply pull-up on the head and the threaded rod “zips” out of the square tube.  When you stop pulling, it automatically locks in place.  If you require incremental adjustments in height and/or tension, simply rotate the collar and the threaded rod moves accordingly.  To retract the extension, just pull-up on the collar, the threaded rod is released and can be dropped back into the outer tube.  (Patent Pending)

 The ZipNut® makes the ZSTRUT even Simpler to use. 

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