Four-Fold XT

Four-Fold XT

Four-Fold XT Product Image


Limited space in the apparatus bay can be concerning but with Door Engineering’s new inside-out design it is no longer an issue. The Four-Fold XT operator is interior mounted while the door panels fold to the exterior. This eliminates the bay space that is needed with the regular Four-Fold design.


The Four-Fold XT door system is still built with all the benefits of our standard Four-Fold door. The heavy-duty design and construction of our Four-Fold door enables it to function under high cycle and other severe conditions which create chronic service and maintenance problems for the conventional door alternatives. This new design also maintains the high speed operation and opens horizontally in less than seven seconds!


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GearGrid Unveils Station Wagon line

Product From Mid Minnesota/Geargrid

Extending its well-known GearGrid™ line of customizable, heavy-duty storage systems designed for fast drying, secure protection of fire and rescue operation gear and apparatus storage products, GearGrid Corporation recently announced the addition of its new Station Wagon™ line of products for transporting cylinders, hose and related equipment within the fire station and on apparatus. Designed by GearGrid Co-Owner and retired Assistant Fire Chief, Michael Boyer, the Station Wagon line of products specifically addresses both health and safety initiatives within today's fire service by minimizing lifting related incidents while ensuring proper and secure on-board storage of difficult to store items.

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Product From Ziamatic Corp.

ZIAMATIC CORP. (ZICO) has introduced the QUIC-RELEASE strapless cylinder bracket, Model QR-D-2. Place a D cylinder in the self-locking bracket and press back through the latch to lock it into place; no straps are required. The heavy-duty backspring holds the cylinder snugly against the latch and prevents rattling. To release the cylinder, slightly press it toward the backplate, squeeze the levers to disengage the latch and allow the backspring to push the cylinder forward. The bracket is designed to hold standard aluminum, jumbo aluminum and steel D gas cylinders with or without most regulators and is made with durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel. The bracket has three holes for mounting vertically or horizontally as well as solo or side by side and fits within the dimensions of virtually all current “strapped” models.

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The VAULT - Bottle Carrier

Product From Rescue 42, Inc.

The VAULT™ General Purpose Box can be configured with SCBA/dive cylinder inserts to safely and securely transport up to 24 6” bottles. Because of its narrow, easy to maneuver design, The VAULT™ can be brought into a station for storage and refill, then deployed directly to high-rise staging floors eliminating the need for fire fighters to hand carry bottles where needed.

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Last Chance Rescue Filter

Product From Essex Industries, Inc.

The Last Chance Rescue Filter provides the protection needed in an out-of-air emergency.  With its triple filtration and patented technology, it eliminates the potentialy lethal gases present in an structure fire.  When there is no other option but to breath in an IDLH atmosphere, the filter easily adapts directly to the SCBA mask and allows you to continue to update RIT and GET OUT alive.

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OHD Quantifit

Product From Occupational Health Dynamic

The fastest and most accurate way to perform a quantitative respirator fit test. Using Controlled Negative Pressure technology,

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EMS Supplies

Product From Penn Care, Inc.

Penn Care's EMS Supply Division distributes both disposable supplies and medical equipment to Fire Departments, Ambulance Services, Hospital Emergency Rooms, and First Aid units. Most of our products are used in emergency pre-hospital situations. Everything from intravenous (IV) kits, to traction splints and stretchers are handled through this division.

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Fire Station Addition and Renovation

Product From S.J. Elton, Architect

East Allen Township Vol. Fire Company.

Addition of new Apparatus Bay, Day Room, Training Room, Bunk and Shower Facilities, Office Areas and Hose Tower.

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Fire Station Design

Product From S.J. Elton, Architect

Palmerton Municipal Fire Company new Fire Station

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Fire Station

Product From S.J. Elton, Architect

Palmerton Municipal Fire Co, Palmerton PA.

New 7,600 square foot fire station with 5 apparatus bays, Second floor Day Room facilities, Office, SCBA Room, Operations Rooms.

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Roto-Jet Fire Hose Washer

Product From American Airworks

This fire hose washer removes hydrocarbons that can carry 90% of the toxins produced by a fire. These hydrocarbons can also contain carcinogens. Potentially hazardous substances can be absorbed through the skin by contact. Rinsing the fire hose off only removes the surface soot, leaving the embedded hydrocarbons in the hose fibers. Deep and thorough scrubbing, combined with high pressure rinsing, are needed to remove these potentially dangerous deposits. The Roto-Jet fire hose washer can help increase the safety, health and well being of your station personnel. There can be no better reasons to own one.

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