Cloud 9 Smoke Machine

Cloud 9 Smoke Machine

Cloud 9 Smoke Machine Product Image

Smoke training used to be a nightmare for instructors using glycol based smokers that frequently clogged, produced rapidly dissipating smoke that burned when inhaled, and left slippery residue on surfaces.

That all changed with the introduction of Super Vac’s environmental friendly, mineral oil based Cloud 9 Smoker and Cloud 9 Super Smoker, which produce huge amounts of pure white smoke.

The Cloud 9 Series Smokers do not cause breathing discomfort, have superior hang time, and leaves no slippery residue, creating an easier and safer training environment.

These units are durable with a full frame design for long-term protection, featuring a CO2 propellant in place of a pump and a Automatic Cleaning Cycle that runs every time the machine is used.

A fold down handle ensures easy storage and cushion tires make transportation of the unit a breeze.  The unit is completely self contained, complete with CO2 bottle, fogger, fluid storage rack, and remote control.

The Cloud 9 Smoker features a single outlet for producing smoke, while the Super Smoker features two, in order to double the output.  The Super Smoker requires 220 VAC.

Change your next training nightmare into a dream with a Cloud 9 Series smoke machine.

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King Ceiling Prop

Product From King Training Innovations LLC

The King Ceiling Prop is a firefighting training simulator designed to teach and practice the skills of ceiling pull, and overhaul. The first of its kind, the King Ceiling Prop allows for real world movements, skills, and techniques while practicing overhaul in a safe, convenient and quickly reset scenario. Used and endorsed by the Chicago Fire Department Training Academy, this affordable training tool will enhance departments training creating well-rounded firefighters. 

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BullEx Attack Digital Fire Training System

Product From Bullex

Turn any room in a burn room with the Attack Digital Fire Training System. Combine digital flames, sound and smoke to create a range of fire conditions that respond directly to hose line application for training where live fire isn’t possible.

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Leader Offers New Smoke Generators

Product From Leader North America

LEADER Smoke is a smoke generator which produces dense and realistic smoke in order to create favorable circumstances for training in optimal safety conditions.

It perfectly meets the training needs to fill small to very large areas of smoke in few minutes! Serious technical advantages! Thanks to its permanent heating system, the two machines generate smoke continuously, for a dense smoke diffusion to avoid operation interruptions during the programmed period.

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BullEx Introduces Battery-Operated Smoke Generator

Product From Bullex

BullEx is excited to announce the release of its latest innovation, the SG1000. BullEx Smoke Generators are known industry wide for withstanding the tough demands of firefighter training. Now, they have expanded their range of generators to include a portable, battery-operated smoke generator that’s ideal for adding smoke to training locations where power is not accessible.

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Product From

We have an incredible selection of Fire Service Training Resources.
Our Mission: Revolutionize the way we train.

Online Incident Command Simulators
Virtual Pump panels
LODD 360 - Computer Re-creations
Tricks of the Trade

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Hearts On Fire Program

Product From Hearts in Motion

Join hands with your firefighter brothers to the south. Become a part of Hearts in Motion’s Bomberos/Firefighter partnership building relationships between firefighters in the United States and their brothers in Guatemala and Ecuador.

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Product From Specialty Bulb Co., Inc.


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Product From Skedco, Inc.


The HydraSim® provides the illusion of external hemorrhage at the point of injury. Those that are trained have the opportunity to see and treat bleeding wounds with hemostatic dressings, pressure dressings, and tourniquets just like they would in a real situation. When coupled with the FEBSS Impact Simulation Trainer® (FIST®) the HydraSim® provides visual bleeding simulation AND the auditory impact simulation associated with the point of wounding during a traumatic event. These simple yet powerful additions increase the realism to any medical training event.

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EMR, EMT, First Responder and American Heart Association courses

Product From TrainingDivision.Com
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Fire Safety Educator Kit

Product From Hook Signs Fire Education Products

Many departments have placed this kit in each station available for an immediate educational program while other departments have this kit available to run with their engine companies. If the firefighters get a call they just grab the signs under their arms and off they go.

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