Skedco® is introducing our new (patent pending) patient simulators that will solve many of the problems rescue trainers encounter with mannequins. These patient simulators will be used in place of rigid mannequins to simulate weight, size and shape of a real patient.


They are bladders made of a very rugged material that can be filled with water to simulate whatever weight is desired for your rescue training event. The amount of weight can be adjusted by the amount of water used to fill the simulator. This will also allow you to change the size of the patient.


TO USE: Simply use a garden hose to fill it at the head end and open the larger valve at the foot end to drain it. The average size simulator can be made to weigh up to 250 pounds. Because it is pliable, it is more like packaging a live patient. 


After use you simply drain the water and fold it for storage in its’ carrying bag and it will weigh from 9 pounds (Average Size) while taking up very little space. This will eliminate the need to carry and transport heavy mannequins to and from the training site and reduce the storage requirement. This is a win-win scenario that will make your training preparation and mannequin storage a lot easier.



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Reflective Chevron safety decals

Product From Grafix Shoppe

Grafix Shoppe is proud to announce an easy way for fire departments to meet this new requirement. We produce custom-made chevron graphics to-order for your specific vehicle using 3M DiamondGrade sheeting which exceeds the NFPA requirement.

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Product From New Sentosa

we are leading fire truck manufacture ,our product

ARFF,City fire truck ,Refinery fire truck,and fire equipment

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Fire Studio 5 Instructor Edition

Product From Digital Combustion, Inc.

Design and playback unlimited multi-slide simulations. Show up to four simultaneous views of an incident. Import your own pictures, video and audio. Have complete control over the look and size of all animations. This includes adjusting the color, speed and opacity of you smoke columns to accurately display "reading smoke" characteristics of each smoke. Use your digital camera to import buildings or other target hazards from your area. Simulations are all now displayed FULL SCREEN.. Save complete simulations for later playback. This will allow you to build up a library of simulations that can be used again whenn needed. Add timeframes for to your simulations for automatic playback. Create interactive tests using the text tool. Use for instructional classroom training, promotional assessment center testing. post-incident critique, NIMS training and more. Create a simple house fire or a Weapons of Mass Destruction incident. Start using new technology today!

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Magnum Variant Sunglasses - fast light adjusting

Product From HaberVision

The Magnum Variant™ was developed for tactical and military applications.  The temples are constructed with air channels that allow them to float should you lose them during water activities.  Haber combines virtually unbreakable Trilon™ frames and revolutionary HaberLite Variant™ photochromatic, high impact sunglass lenses.  The Variant™ lens color density changes from dark to light in less than a minute.

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Goggle Fan - fog free automatically

Product From HaberVision

Haber Eliminator Fan keeps you fog free automatically in any goggle.

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Product From Specialty Bulb Co., Inc.


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VoDaEo Reporter

Product From Falcon Direct

New VoDaEo reporter notifies you directly on you 2-way radio and/or pager when unauthorized entry is made or smoke is detected at your fire station.

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Fire Safety Educator Kit

Product From Hook Signs Fire Education Products

Many departments have placed this kit in each station available for an immediate educational program while other departments have this kit available to run with their engine companies. If the firefighters get a call they just grab the signs under their arms and off they go.

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Item #FP7233-Stop, Drop & Roll Safety Mat

Product From Avon Manufacturing Company

This two-sided fully padded 6' X 10' mat teaches children "HANDS-ON" fire prevention and safety with "STOP", "DROP" & "ROLL", as well as "STAY LOW IN SMOKE" and comes with handy carry bag.

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Visual Fire and Visual EMS

Product From Emergency Technologies, Inc. (ETI)

Visual Fire is a robust, enterprise-class, fully integrated, NFIRS 5 compliant system of modules that offer complete management of fire prevention, suppression, and EMS patient information. Visual Fire's modules can be used separately, but are all tightly integrated with each other. Visual Fire interfaces with multiple Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers.

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