NTC Fire Alarm Systems Design and Installation (Brown)

NTC Fire Alarm Systems Design and Installation (Brown)

NTC Fire Alarm Systems Design and Installation (Brown) Product Image

Fire alarm system design and installation is complex and governed by national and local codes. The NTC Brown Book makes understanding these complexities easy. This reference covers all aspects of fire alarm systems including planning, documentation, contracts, design and installation.

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Powerheart G3 Pro

Product From Cardiac Science Corp.

With a host of benefits, the G3 Pro comes fully equipped with:

+ Color ECG display, manual override, and 3–lead ECG monitoring capabilities.

+ Our patented Rescue Ready technology to self-test all critical components

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Rescue Facts

Product From Rescue Facts

Medical ID Strap: Adult Safety Belt, Child Seat Safety Belt, Fire Fighter Suspenders, Large & Small Animal, Helmets, Medical Equipment i.e., wheelchairs, walkers, canes.

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Tactical Bord

Product From Tactron, Inc.

Used by first arriving officers to immediately setup command and accountability at the start of an incident. Made of durable poly-metal material and writable using permanent marker, grease pencil, or dry erase pen. Comes with Sharpie pen & holder, and neck lanyard. Custom schematics available. Call for details.

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Fire-fighter Fitness Training Manual

Product From Firefighter Fit

An 80 page paperback fitness training

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Dual-Vision Video Recording System

Product From Rosco Vision Systems

Compact, Low Cost, Continuous Dual Video Recording System

The palm-sized device, which mounts to any windshield, records video data from one camera pointing forward and a second camera facing the driver and passengers so that you can see everything, even the things you wish you hadn't!

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Backup Camera Systems

Product From Rosco Vision Systems

Outfit Your Fleet with a Visual Safety Solution

At Rosco, we see value in providing a complete solution to our customer

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Backup Sensors

Product From Rosco Vision Systems

Designed for cars, suvs, 4x4s, mini-vans, pickups, and small trucks. Perfect for backing up, street parking, parallel parking, garage parking, and parking in tight spots. In-bumper type sensors provide the look of a factory installed system.

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Product From Specialty Bulb Co., Inc.

We stock the Q900T3CLHIR/240V BULB manufactured by General Electric.

Contact me for pricing on this or any other bulb that you may be using or needing.

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Stockroom for EMS & Fire Organizations

Product From Dynamic Systems Inc.

Stockroom for EMS Providers

Markers, location and identification; Bar code systems; Inventory systems; Maintenance and repair; Consulting Services; Hardware; Mobile; Peripherals; Software, data systems

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Barcode 2 D Labels

2-D barcodes fit in ultra-small places and withstand high heat and chemicals. 



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