• Executive Vice President

    Scott Bieda
    Scott Bieda
    Scott Bieda is the executive vice president of the Cygnus Public Safety and Security group.

  • Group Publisher, Firehouse

    Greg Toritto
    Greg Toritto
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 2010
    Email: greg.toritto@cygnus.com
    Greg Toritto is the group publisher for Firehouse, including Firehouse Magazine and Firehouse.com. 


  • Editor-in-Chief

    Peter Matthews
    Peter Matthews
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 1302
    Email: peter.matthews@cygnus.com
    Peter Matthews is the editor-in-chief of Firehouse.com. He served with fire departments in Rush, NY, Glenwood Landing, NY and Laurel, MD. You can follow him on Twitter: @petermfirehouse .

  • Associate Editor – News

    Susan Nicol
    Susan Nicol
    Email: susie@firehouse.com
    Susan Nicol, an associate editor for Firehouse.com, has been a Maryland EMT since 1977. She is a life member and active with the Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Company and active with the Oxford Volunteer Fire Company. Nicol is assistant secretary of Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association and secretary of the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) Region II EMS Council. She also is a board member of the American Trauma Society, Maryland Division, and volunteers on the EMT crew for the Frederick Keys, the Baltimore Orioles Class A baseball team. Prior to joining the Firehouse team, she was a staff writer for The Frederick News-Post, covering fire, law enforcement, court and legislative issues. 

  • Associate Editor – Industry & Products

    Ed Ballam
    Ed Ballam
    Email: ed.ballam@cygnus.com
    Ed Ballam is the industry and products associate editor for Firehouse, a captain with the Haverhill Corner (N.H.) Fire Department, and a National Registered EMT. He is also a Deputy Forest Fire Warden for the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands. Professionally, he's been a journalist for over 30 years working for a variety of publications, including employment as managing editor of a national fire service trade journal for more than a decade.

Firehouse Magazine

  • Editor-in-Chief, Firehouse Events Conference Director

    Harvey Eisner
    Harvey Eisner
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 6252
    Email: harvey.eisner@cygnus.com
    Harvey Eisner is the Editor-in-Chief of Firehouse Magazine.

  • Managing Editor

    Elizabeth Neroulas
    Elizabeth Neroulas
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 6230
    Email: lizfn@cygnuspub.com
    Elizabeth Friszell-Neroulas is a 10-year veteran at Cygnus Business Media, nine years with Firehouse , and works out of the Melville, NY, office. She has a bachelor's degree in publishing from Hofstra University.

  • Associate Editor

    Steven Shaw
    Steven Shaw
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 6313
    Email: steve.shaw@cygnus.com
    Steven Shaw is the Associate Editor of Firehouse magazine, Firehouse.com and the Firehouse Limited Edition Tablet.

  • Media Production Representative

    LuAnn Hausz
    LuAnn Hausz
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 1616
    Email: luann.hausz@cygnus.com
    LuAnn Hausz is the media production representative for Firehouse magazine.

  • Director of Marketing

    Kathy Magrane
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 6232
    Email: kathy.magrane@cygnus.com
    Kathy Magrane is the director of marketing for the Cygnus Public Safety & Security Group.

  • Administrative Assistant

    Michelle Endres
    Michelle Endres
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 1612
    Email: michelle.endres@cygnus.com
    Michelle Endres is the administrative assistant for the Cygnus Public Safety Group and has been with Cygnus since 1990. 

Firehouse Events

  • Vice President, Events

    Ed Nichols
    Ed Nichols
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 1606
    Email: ed.nichols@cygnus.com
    Ed Nichols is the vice president of Cygnus Events, including: EMS World Expo , World Trauma Symposium , Firehouse World , Firehouse Expo , Officer World , Enforcement Expo and Secured Cities . On Twitter: @FireEMSLawEd

  • Group Show Manager

    Tom Tobiason
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 2710
    Email: tom.tobiason@cygnus.com
    Tom Tobiason is the group show manager for Firehouse Events, including Firehouse World and Firehouse Expo . 

Advertising Sales

  • Northeast, Southeast Sales Manager

    Gene Prall
    Phone: 843-236-8115
    Email: Gene.prall@cygnus.com
    Gene Prall is the sales manager for the Northeast and Southeast regions of the United States.

  • Upper Midwest, West Sales Manager

    Rich Gluth
    Phone: 262-245-1814
    Email: rich.gluth@cygnus.com
    Rich Gluth is the sales manager for the Upper Midwest and West regions of the United States. He is  a firefighter/EMT-IT in Wisconsin.

  • Northeast Sales Manager

    Jack Gardner
    Phone: 1-800-547-7377 ext. 3494
    Email: jack.gardner@cygnus.com
    Jack Gardner is the sales manager for the Northeast region of the United States.

  • Canada, Classifieds & Market Place Sales Manager

    Marcela Cretaro
    Email: marcela.cretaro@cygnus.com
    Marcela Cretaro is the sales manager for Canada and the Classifieds & Market Place sections of Firehouse magazine.