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  • Wis. Chase Ends With Vehicle Arson, Arrest On Interstate

    MILTON, Wis. -- The Rock County Sheriff's Department said that an early morning car chase ended with a suspect setting a vehicle on fire on the interstate before being arrested Saturday.

    News • September 27th, 2009

  • Thieves Steal Fire Hydrants in Calif.

    ROSEVILLE, Calif. -- Police said people in Roseville are at risk because thieves have been stealing fire hydrants. Police said the thieves know how to turn off the water to the hydrant and how to disassemble it. They...

    News • September 25th, 2009

  • Fire Service Stays for the Fight

    Aid to firefighters from firefighters is flowing into Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama from around the nation.

    News • September 9th, 2005

  • San Francisco's Light Duty Policy Investigated

    New evidence of waste and mismanagement at the San Francisco Fire Department has been uncovered. This time it's in the system of "light duty" offered to firefighters who have been injured on or off the job. • Click here for Video

    News • February 25th, 2004

  • Woman Named San Francisco Fire Chief

    Mayor Gavin Newsom tapped a veteran woman firefighter to take on one of the nation's most male-dominated job titles: fire chief.

    News • January 11th, 2004

  • Cleveland May Spare Some Firefighter Jobs

    It appears that the initial number projected for Cleveland firefighters' layoffs may not be as many, but an official announcement is expected soon from Mayor Jane Campbell.

    News • November 24th, 2003

  • New Jersey 'Blue Flu' Cured: City Approves Police/Fire Contract

    This unauthorized strike, or so-called 'Blue flu', in East Orange apparently has worked. Just before 5:00 the city announced it had dropped its appeal of the new police and fire contract.

    News • October 24th, 2003

  • Cleveland Safety Forces Dealt Budget Blow

    Cleveland will avoid a deficit this year by moving older firefighters from office jobs to fire engines and delaying a class of EMS cadets, the city's finance director said yesterday.

    News • October 15th, 2003

  • Two Flordia Fire Department Veterans Fired

    After 26 years with the Clearwater Fire Department, the last six as assistant training chief, Yaudes learned early Monday he was no longer wanted. His boss gave him a choice: retire or be fired.

    News • October 15th, 2003

  • Canadian Paramedics Want Firemedic Plan Scrapped

    A controversial plan to make this city the first in Ontario to merge fire and ambulance services must be addressed by the three leadership candidates in the upcoming provincial election, a group of paramedics said Wednesday.

    News • September 4th, 2003

  • Kansas Mayor Meets with Firefighters About Staffing Cuts

    Mayor Butch Felker fielded questions Monday from firefighters who are concerned about a recent decision by the city council to eliminate a fire department company.

    News • September 4th, 2003

  • Denver's Firefighters to Vote on Pay Cut

    Denver's firefighters will vote later this week on a plan that could reduce their future pay to help the city cope with its growing budget problems.

    News • August 29th, 2003

  • Minneapolis Plans to Rehire Firefighters

    Thirty-two Minneapolis firefighters whose jobs were cut in April because of budget restraints could be back to work Sept. 22.

    News • August 29th, 2003

  • Woman Sues Rhode Island Town for Discrimination in Hiring Firefighters

    A 26-year-old Cranston woman is suing the town in federal court, charging that a plan to hire the 21 members of the North Smithfield Fire and Rescue Service Inc. violates federal anti-discrimination laws.

    News • August 29th, 2003

  • Wisconsin Fire Department May Shift to Full Time Firefighters

    Changes that would shift the Fire Department from a paid-per-call to a full-time operation by 2005 are designed in part to improve response time to emergencies and increase firefighters' skills, according to Fire Chief Ed Dobernig.

    News • August 27th, 2003