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  • Heart Disease in Firefighters: #1 Killer!

    One-third of firefighter deaths so far this year appear to have been due to Cardio vascular disease! Firefighters have one on the most stressful jobs around! Many firefighters are overweight and lack adequate physical fitness, which may be contributing...

    Article • April 9th, 2007

  • Rapid Intervention: What Should We Be Seeing and Doing?

    The most experienced firefighter can have difficulty applying realistic approaches to rapid intervention methods, techniques and maneuvers especially if they haven't even pursued the training.Well it has been a good 10 years since rapid intervention began...

    Article • April 6th, 2007

  • Dealing with Death as the Public Information Officer

    Make sure you have "all of the information" and it has been "confirmed" by a reliable source before you release anything.

    Article • April 2nd, 2007

  • Your Reputation Starts on Day One

    The key is that you need to learn from the good and not so good of other firefighters.

    Article • April 2nd, 2007

  • Fire Department Response to Emergencies Involving Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

    Mark Brown details the challenges that firefighters can face when operating in the vicinity of MRI units at medical facilities. See why he suggests that medical personnel be involved in suppression, salvage and investigation operations when possible.

    Article • April 1st, 2007

  • Safer Driving Operations Offered

    For the first time in 2003, firefighter statistics from NIOSH and NFPA showed crashes were the leading causes of injuries and deaths.

    Article • March 26th, 2007

  • Code Change Proposed for Composite Propane Cylinders

    There is a proposed code change to NFPA Standard 58 that might allow these containers to be used indoors with cabinet heaters.Historically cylinders used for storage and use of propane gas were made from steel. Recently composite propane cylinders have...

    Article • March 25th, 2007

  • The Fast Track to Firefighter Fitness: Sequenced Timed Sets

    We workout to protect our own health and enhance performance at operations, thereby protecting the lives and property of others."If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert EinsteinFitness is defined as the capability of the body to...

    Article • March 21st, 2007

  • 'Crash Course' Quick Drill Series - Part XIII

    A recent safety trend in the U.S. fire service has been to provide a pattern of diagonal striping across the rear of emergency vehicles to increase visibility of the vehicle when it is working in or near moving traffic.Painted traffic markings are used on...

    Article • March 18th, 2007

  • Trics Of The Trade: Providing Air to a Downed Firefighter

    "Mayday, Mayday, Mayday". Ladder One Officer to Command, Mayday" "Command to Ladder One Officer, go ahead with your Mayday" "Ladder One to Command, Mayday, I am lost in the basement and running out of air, I am not sure where I am!" "10-4. Command to...

    Article • March 16th, 2007

  • Dunn's Dispatch: Explosions on the Fireground

    Rookie firefighters sometimes confuse the terms backdraft and flashover. These two dangerous violent events are different and knowing these differences helps us understand each one better."Do you know the definition of an explosion?" Fire protection...

    Article • March 6th, 2007

  • HazMat Team Spotlight: Cheyenne WY, Fire Department

    Slideshow Images: Cheyenne, Wyoming, Hazmat Team Cheyenne is the Capital of Wyoming and the most populous city in the state. Cheyenne is located in Laramie County which is in the Southeast corner of Wyoming just north of the Colorado border in the...

    Article • February 22nd, 2007

  • 'Crash Course' Quick Drill Series - Part XII

    Ford reworked the original Fusion with major design and engineering improvements.Topic: 2007 Ford Focus Automobile In 1998. the Ford Motor company introduced the Ford Fusion at the Geneva Switzerland Motor Show. In 1999, it was released for sale in North...

    Article • February 19th, 2007

  • Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Citizens Fire Academy

    The class schedule consists of speakers, tours, demonstrations and classes.When I first moved to Las Vegas in 1996 to accept the position as public information officer (PIO) for Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, I moved to a community that I was not familiar...

    Article • February 19th, 2007

  • Trics of the Trade: Window Gates, Bars and Barred Windows

    The installation of security devices throughout the country has been on the increase for many years, and no matter where you live, it should be a concern for any firefighter that is going to be engaged during an interior attack.Slideshow Images:Trics of...

    Article • February 16th, 2007