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  • Firefighter Exam Test-Taking Tactics - Part IV

    Remember that the test maker must be able to defend the correct answer and defend the claim that the other three answers are wrong.

    Article • September 12th, 2003

  • The Street Chemist - Part 17

    Organic acids are hydrocarbon derivatives, therefore, they have carbon in the compound, and the name will begin with the prefix indicating the number of carbons.Organic acids are the final hydrocarbon derivative functional group. Organic acids are...

    Article • September 12th, 2003

  • Fire Department Tanker Safety - Part II

    We will examine in closer detail some of the statistics and causes associated with the fatal tanker collisions that occurred in the U.S. during the period of 1990 through 2001.In Part I of this series we brought to light the problem of fire department...

    Article • September 12th, 2003

  • Treat The Media The Same As You Would The Public

    Remember that we are responsible for the media’s safety just as well as the general public.Happens all the time, barricade tape is put up to keep onlookers and the media out of an emergency scene, and yet there are some from the public that get past the...

    Article • August 18th, 2003

  • Know Your Enemy #34

    Twenty firefighters were evacuated from a hot, dense smoke situation in a strip mall 60 seconds before the roof collapsed.

    Article • August 11th, 2003

  • Basic Information that Should Be On Your Resume

    Make a resume that will impact the "down and dirty" look by a reviewer.

    Article • August 8th, 2003

  • The Street Chemist - Part 16

    Aldehydes are the next family of hydrocarbon derivatives. In the aldehyde family, most compounds are liquids, except for the one-carbon aldehyde, formaldehyde, which is a gas. Aldehydes have a wide flammable range from 3 to 55% in air; they are toxic...

    Article • July 22nd, 2003

  • Firefighter Exam Test-Taking Tactics - Part III

    When answering fire exam questions, you must base your answer on the information provided.

    Article • July 14th, 2003

  • Fire Department Tanker Safety - Part I

    Without question, the fire service has seen more emphasis and effort towards the cause of firefighter safety in the past 20 years than in any other similar time frame.Without question, the fire service has seen more emphasis and effort towards the cause...

    Article • July 14th, 2003

  • The Street Chemist - Part 15

    Article • June 16th, 2003

  • Vehicle Rescue Safety - Part II

    Almost 8% of the line-of-duty deaths in 2002 were "struck-by" situations while the responders were working in or near moving traffic. Emergency service personnel working in or near moving traffic are killed every year. For example, five responders died...

    Article • May 30th, 2003

  • Conspace For Company Officers - Part III

    The first arriving company officer, and subsequently, the Incident Commander, doesn’t have to be a technician to understand the incident priorities.This is the final article in a series on confined space emergency response at the company officer level...

    Article • May 19th, 2003

  • Oral Board Scenario: Questions

    Dissect the question down to its simplest term, one word, of what the question is really about.

    Article • May 16th, 2003

  • The Six Steps to Answering an Oral Board Question

    Firefighter candidates can use a tape recorder to evaluate their responses.

    Article • May 2nd, 2003

  • PIO Interviews - Part III

    Many times if the issue is very sensitive and you believe there may be some fallout after the interview, other personnel should be present during the interview.

    Article • April 25th, 2003