• Talk the Truth - Cancer Kills Firefighters

    I cannot express how much I enjoy and learn from the continued interaction with all the firefighters or "view crew members" in the various social media accounts. Every day there seems to be another interesting topic that comes up that stirs the...

    Blog • January 10th, 2013

  • Prevention & Safety Grant Application Deadline Nears

    The Fire Prevention and Safety Grant application period is nearing the January 18 deadline. Have you started your grant application yet? If not, it is not too late! The Fire Prevention and Safety Grant support projects that enhance the safety of the...

    Blog • January 9th, 2013

  • Some Thoughts for the New Fire Service Leader

    Winter in my world is often seen as the time of the new leader. In volunteer fire departments all acrossAmerica, January is the normal time for the new cast of leadership characters to step forward to be sworn in. It is, therefore, a time for all of us to...

    Article • January 7th, 2013

  • Condition Yellow? It's About Us

    Firefighter Safety Following the Webster Shooting

    Article • January 7th, 2013

  • Weekly Drill: No. 100 - Chemistry of Fire

    Understanding the reactions of the various chemicals will have on a fire during the combustion process is essential for the safety of the firefighters.

    Article • January 6th, 2013

  • Fire & Rescue Apparatus Maintenance Roundtable

    When it comes to fire apparatus maintenance issues, you would be correct to think that equipment required for emissions standards was challenging. You would also be correct to think that aging apparatus is causing headaches, but one of the biggest...

    Article • January 4th, 2013

  • Salka: A New Year's Resolution - Training!

    I'm going to go on a little rant here because of the way things seem to be in the fire service concerning training. I travel extensively, across the country and up into Canada and Alaska. I cannot believe the number of career fire departments that do...

    Blog • January 4th, 2013

  • Did You Achieve Your 2012 Goals?

    As the door closes on another wonderful year, it is time to reflect and review our performance of the past year while making some new goals for 2013. Words cannot express how thankful I am to all of you who read the Views from the Jumpseat. When I...

    Blog • December 31st, 2012

  • West Webster Shooting Stirred Memories for Me Editor Peter Matthews shares the story when his father, who responded to a nearby EMS call, was held for 20 minutes by a man with a gun. He devised a plan to escape the home.

    Blog • December 26th, 2012

  • Is a Melted Helmet a Badge of Honor?

    Is your helmet burned beyond recognition? Over the past two or three months, this topic keeps coming up for discussion over the Views From the Jumpseat social media channels. Does the state of burn shown on your helmet really tell the tale of how...

    Blog • December 25th, 2012

  • Burying One of Our Own

    Burying one of our own…it’s a scenario no department wants to face, but most all departments train for anyways.  No amount of training can ever prepare a fire family for the heartache of dealing with a death of their own, especially near the...

    Blog • December 26th, 2012

  • Power of the Badge: It is Time to Stop Feeling Helpless

    As with most emotions that occur in the fire service we can’t describe it, but we all know it because it seems to be with us every day when we turn on the television – helplessness. As firefighters we are action orientated with one purpose and one...

    Article • December 18th, 2012

  • (New) Forgotten Vehicle Fire Hazards

    Sharing the views and experiences that street level firefighters face has always been the mission of Views From the Jumpseat. This week’s view comes from an angle that I have been blessed with participating in for two years now, as an instructor. I...

    Blog • December 17th, 2012

  • Weekly Drill: No. 97

    Drill #97: Sprinkler Heads The most important component of the sprinkler system is the sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads must be appropriate in design for them to function to their maximum capability. Readers will learn about the different types of...

    Article • December 16th, 2012

  • Carter: Saying Farewell to My Best Friend

    Following is the eulogy that Harry Carter will be giving at the memorial service for Jack Peltier on Saturday, Dec. 15 at Immaculate Conception Church in Marlborough, MA. Carter asked that we share this on so that their buddies who are...

    Blog • December 13th, 2012