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  • United Kingdom Fire Dispute Paid Off

    SIR - Philip Johnston is entitled to judge the outcome of the fire dispute (report, June 13), which has culminated in a 16 per cent pay rise, good prospects for considerable improvements in earnings, with a new role-based salary structure, and a new pay...

    News • June 17th, 2003

  • Arsonists as firefighters?

    The exclamation "There oughta be a law" too often leads to unnecessary legislation to address a problem that's more a matter of perception than reality.

    News • May 14th, 2003

  • Fire official accused in illegal politicking

    News • November 16th, 2002

  • Fire-Rescue Service Paid For Others’ Pre-9/11 Mistakes

    The stumbling investigation over what went wrong inside America's intelligence and law enforcement agencies prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks may seem irrelevant to firefighters, but the fire-rescue service has a huge stake in this problem because local...

    News • October 31st, 2002

  • Fire Service Waits For Congress To Help Prepare For Terrorism

    This first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is a proper time to look back on what went wrong, what went right and how much progress has been made since Sept. 11, 2001. For the fire-rescue service, the vital...

    News • September 1st, 2002

  • Federal Death Benefits For World Trade Center Victims

    Like all Americans, I watched with shock and horror on Sept. 11 as terrorists struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It was unnerving to look outside my office window in Washington, DC and see a tower of smoke rising from the Pentagon. But...

    News • October 31st, 2001

  • Did No One See It Coming?

    The fire-rescue service always has been aware that America would be the target of a catastrophic terrorist attack and firefighters would be among the casualties. But no one could foresee a disaster of the magnitude that struck the World Trade Center and...

    News • October 1st, 2001

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