Fire Prevention & Investigation

  • The Importance of Interpersonal Communication Skills in Your Fire Department

    Communication comes in many forms such as; body language, written word, oral communication, and touch are all examples that we use everyday to get our messages across.

    Article • April 1st, 2003

  • Marketing The Fire Problem

    Question: With all of the attention to EMS and, since 9/11, homeland security, how do we keep the public's attention on the fact that there is still a fire problem? Answer: The facts are that the United States and Canada continue to lead the...

    Article • March 31st, 2003

  • Authorities Searching For Arson, Assault Suspect In California

    Carmichael-- Authorities are searching for a man who allegedly tried to burn a woman before setting a home on fire late Sunday

    News • March 31st, 2003

  • Pennsylvania Firefighters Charged In Barn Blaze They Fought

    Davidsville--Four young adults, three of them volunteer firefighters, have been accused of setting a fire earlier this month that destroyed a barn

    News • March 31st, 2003

  • Personal Decisions

    There are many decisions that a fire ground photographer must make in his/her career.

    Article • March 28th, 2003

  • Arizona Man Suspected of Arson

    Investigators think they've identified the man responsible for a Boone County house fire nearly two years ago.

    News • March 26th, 2003

  • Two Guilty Of Arson At Paterson, New Jersey Body Shop

    The owner of a Paterson auto body shop and his employee have pleaded guilty to setting fire to the store after business soured.

    News • March 25th, 2003

  • Presentation Skills for Firefighters – Part II

    The theater of presenting (as some call it) is very important to making or breaking a presentation.

    Article • March 25th, 2003

  • Second Fire Prompts Investigation At Jackson Tavern

    A village tavern was the scene of a fire early this morning, the second since Friday. Authorities now say that first fire was deliberately set.

    News • March 24th, 2003

  • If You Are In The Fire Service You Are An Investigator - Part IV

    If your department is fortunate to have a fire investigator available to respond while you are on the scene, he or she has the opportunity to gather first hand facts on observations, extinguishment and overhaul.

    Article • March 24th, 2003

  • Canadian Arsonist Wears 'Scarlet Letter,' Says Lawyer

    A Drayton area man responsible for a series of fires last year will be under close scrutiny for the next 18 months, after being placed on house arrest in a Guelph court this week.

    News • March 24th, 2003

  • Delivering Hometown Attentiveness

    Occupant Support is a task many departments’ practice and have been practicing for years. There are many names to describe it, however, I think that it can best be described in two words. Good old fashion:” Hometown Attentiveness”.

    Article • March 20th, 2003

  • Officials Suspect Arson In Preschool Fire

    Greeley firefighters and police think a fire that destroyed a preschool center at Billie Martinez Elementary School last weekend was intentionally set.

    News • March 19th, 2003

  • PIO Interviews - Part II

    Most of the time the department’s Public Information Officer should do the interviews, they are the department spokesperson.

    Article • March 19th, 2003

  • La-Z-Boy Fire Ruled Arson

    La-Z-Boy Furniture Warehouse CEO Marcia Forcey looked out of a second-floor window at the charred remains of a service corridor below and said that the fire could have been much worse.

    News • March 19th, 2003