Fire Prevention & Investigation

  • Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement - Part III

    The primary responsibility of any fire prevention official is to enforce the fire codes adopted by their respective jurisdiction.

    Article • February 4th, 2003

  • Fire Prompts Evacuation Of College Dormitory in Florida

    A Bethune-Cookman College student was charged Tuesday with deliberately starting a fire inside his own campus dormitory room.

    News • February 4th, 2003

  • Investigator: Columbus, Ind. Restaurant Fire Suspicious

    A broken window at a restaurant that was destroyed in a fire Saturday is one factor prompting an investigator to call the blaze suspicious.

    News • February 4th, 2003

  • Fire Destroys Rogers, AR Hotel

    An arson investigation is under way as Rogers fire crews sift through what was once a 4-story hotel.

    News • February 4th, 2003

  • Mission Statements VS. Organizational Commitment - Part II

    Now that you have had a chance to ponder the differences between mission statements and organizational commitment, let’s take a look at how you can build your department’s commitment by taking a look at your future.

    Article • February 3rd, 2003

  • Investigators Say Monday NE Fire Is Arson

    Investigators say a fire at a vacant apartment building in downtown Omaha was set on purpose.

    News • February 3rd, 2003

  • The Power of Role Modeling

    After nearly thirty years in our business, I have reached the conclusion that the single most powerful leadership tool is role modeling.

    Article • February 1st, 2003

  • Marketing Emergency Services Associations

    Question: With the large number of fire, EMS and other public service associations, how do we differentiate ours from all of the others to achieve our goals? Answer: An association cannot operate in a vacuum. While it may exist for any number of...

    Article • January 31st, 2003

  • Toronto Fatal House Fire Suspicious

    Police hope an autopsy today will confirm the identity of a body discovered during a fire that destroyed a century-old house on the Niagara Escarpment.

    News • January 30th, 2003

  • Foul Play Suspected In MD Fire

    Somerset County State's Attorney Logan Widdowson confirmed Monday that police are investigating whether the deaths are homicides.

    News • January 29th, 2003

  • Pontoon-Boat Fire Prompts Arson Reward

    The Clay County Sheriff's Office and the state Fire Marshal's Office has offered a reward for information that can solve a rash of suspicious fires in the Eagle Harbor community.

    News • January 29th, 2003

  • Fire Closes Leavenworth, MO High School

    The fire began when someone apparently set fire to a roll of toilet paper.

    News • January 28th, 2003

  • Man Pleads Innocent in Missouri Bonfire Blast

    A man accused of throwing a can of gasoline onto a bonfire, causing an explosion that burned several partygoers, has pleaded innocent to 14 counts of assault.

    News • January 28th, 2003

  • If You Are In The Fire Service You Are An Investigator Part III

    Many of the questions about fires could be more quickly answered or wasted time saved, if yesterday’s fires had been discussed with the crews that fought and investigated them.

    Article • January 27th, 2003

  • Presentation Skills for Firefighters - Part 1

    Whether you are a line firefighter, the department’s public educator or a chief of department, sooner or later you are going to have to make a presentation before an audience.

    Article • January 25th, 2003