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  • Y2K: Ready or Not, Here It Comes

    Is your emergency services organization Y2K compliant? Barry Furey examines the Y2K problem and outlines what to look for and how to cope with the millenium bug.

    Article • January 31st, 1999

  • A GPS System For Fire Department & EMS Dispatch

    Francis Hamit describes how emergency responders around the world are using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

    Article • November 30th, 1997

  • GPS Receivers In Emergency Vehicles

    David C. Delisio shows the value and efficiency of the GPS in saving time during emergency incidents.

    Article • March 31st, 1997

  • Radio Procedures

    Leroy P. McKeever offers fire departments a practical guide in using their radio system to relay imperative information.

    Article • January 31st, 1997

  • Fire-Related Internet Locations

    Ed Epstein presents a list of fire-related Internet addresses for those who want to learn more about the fire and emergency services.

    Article • January 31st, 1997

  • Fire Service Communications: A 20-Year Overview

    Barry Furey shows how changing technology has helped shape and improve the fire industry of today.

    Article • October 31st, 1996

  • Firefighting In Cyberspace

    Paul Youdelis tells how a fire department joined the wave of World Wide Web surfers.

    Article • August 1st, 1996

  • Internet: A Global Fire Service

    Members of the Virginia fire service tell how fire fighters can tap into a vast, worldwide network.

    Article • June 1st, 1996

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