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  • Warehouse Fires: An Easy Checklist For An Offensive Operation

    Robert C. Drennen provides a systematic approach to mounting an offensive attack on a fire in a warehouse-type structure.

    Article • February 29th, 2000

  • Amtrak Unveils The "Acela": What First Responders Should Know

    Christopher Palmisano reviews the training being given to firefighters and other emergency responders who protect America's railroads and passengers.

    Article • August 1st, 1999

  • A Firefighter's Story

    Article Available Online Soon!

    Article • May 1st, 1999

  • A Success Story In Fire Service Training

    Ask fire chiefs what their most perplexing problems are and they will come up with similar answers - budget constraints, compliance with mandated standards, acquiring and keeping quality people, training, morale and personnel issues. Some fire chiefs...

    Article • October 31st, 1998

  • Drilling In The Desert

    When the city of Tucson, AZ, decided to costruct a Regional Public Safety Academy, it consulted the most important people of all: the rank and file. Bryn Bailer examines the results and discusses how the $14.3 million cutting-edge facility meets the...

    Article • August 1st, 1998

  • "Abbottville" Tabletop Simulator Training

    Don and Bev Abbott describe how responders learn to control incidents by using case studies.

    Article • June 1st, 1998

  • Making The Grade In Fire Services Tests - Part 2

    Henry Morse offers suggestions on what steps job applicants as well as candidates for promotion can take when faced with a good or bad test.

    Article • October 31st, 1997

  • The Fire Instructor

    The training program in any fire department is the backbone of its service.

    Article • October 1st, 1996

  • Training Academy

    When it comes to learning how to fight a fire, there's nothing like the real thing. So when the Baltimore County Fire Department learned that the Ramada Inn in Woodlawn, MD, was slated for demolition, thoughts turned to using the 234-room hotel as a...

    Article • March 31st, 1996

  • Benefits Of Training

    Training is the backbone of a fire department. lt produces a well-prepared force that through repetition increases the speed of an operation and enhances proper execution while reducing injuries. A firefighter who arrives at an emergency unprepared...

    Article • March 31st, 1996

  • Hands-On Training

    James B. Straseske outlines a four-step approach to teaching firefighting skills.

    Article • March 31st, 1996

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