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  • Pulling Ceiling During Fire Attack

    The coordination of aggressive ventilation, an adequate size hose line, and pulling ceiling when needed during the fire attack are some to the greatest assurances in the name of safe and effective basic firefighting.

    Article • February 24th, 2004

  • Dealing With Violence Against Firefighters

    There is a serious and growing Problem running like a cancer throughout the UK; attacks on fire crews.

    Article • January 14th, 2004

  • Truck Company Operations: Basic and Effective SOP’S

    The Truck Company has one basic function at any working fire and that is to support the Engine Company’s advance and extinguishment of the fire.Also See: Truck Company SOP's Slideshow

    Article • December 5th, 2003

  • Know Your Enemy #34

    Twenty firefighters were evacuated from a hot, dense smoke situation in a strip mall 60 seconds before the roof collapsed.

    Article • August 11th, 2003

  • Search & Rescue Skills With Your Thermal Imager

    Here it is: the emergency that you feared, the one that you dreaded, the one whose potential helped you justify funding your thermal imagers (TIs)."Engines 2, 7, 3, Ladder 2, Quint 11, Ambulance 16 and District 1: Respond to a residential fire, with...

    Article • December 13th, 2002

  • Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

    What are the Mayday decision parameters for firefighters? How do we teach the Mayday decision-making process to firefighters? How much Mayday practice do firefighters need?These must be the most frighting three words that can be heard over the fire ground...

    Article • November 2nd, 2002

  • When Would You Call Mayday-Mayday-Mayday?

    Somehow we think firefighters will intuitively know when to call for help. This is a very dangerous assumption.Hopefully you will never need to call mayday for yourself, or any other firefighter. But you need to be prepared to do so because your life may...

    Article • October 28th, 2002

  • Handling Anhydrous Ammonia

    Spring is just around the corner and anhydrous ammonia is being shipped to fertilizer companies for use during spring planting at farms around the country.

    Article • March 5th, 2002

  • The Street Chemist - Part 5

    Elements bond together ionically or covalently to form compounds. Compounds can be organized into families, which have similar characteristics and hazards.

    Article • February 26th, 2002

  • The Street Chemist - Part 4

    The first two installments of The Street Chemist dealt with the atom, the basic building block of our World.

    Article • February 25th, 2002

  • The Street Chemist - Part 3

    The first two installments of The Street Chemist dealt with the atom, the basic building block of our World, as we know it and the Periodic Table and Elements, which make up everything on Earth.

    Article • December 9th, 2001

  • The Street Chemist - Part 2

    All things on earth are made up of the elements or combinations of elements found on the Periodic Table. The atom, which was discussed in the previous section, is the smallest form in which an element can exist.

    Article • November 9th, 2001

  • The Street Chemist - Part 1

    Most emergency responders cringe at the thought of chemistry. Nonetheless, knowledge of basic chemistry is necessary to deal effectively with hazardous materials in emergency response.

    Article • October 9th, 2001

  • Pickup Truck Training Opportunities

    Rescue personnel will understand the procedures necessary to preplan and prepare for pickup truck rescue training.

    Article • June 1st, 1998

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