Training Web Exclusives

  • Weekly Drill: No. 1

    This drill explores the variety of operations for ground ladders.The drill is designed to be a single page of information to conjure up discussions among your crew members. Sit down and talk about the exercises, and how they may apply to your company...

    Article • April 28th, 2008

  • Reading the Fire: Heat and Flame

    While all of us have a commonsense understanding of heat and temperature, these concepts are frequently misunderstood.As discussed in previous articles, fire behavior indicators can be grouped into five general categories: Building, Smoke, Air Track...

    Article • December 8th, 2007

  • Company Level Training: Performing Basic Salvage Operations

    Knowing that salvage is typically assigned to truck companies, are you and your crew going to be able to perform this task proficiently?

    Article • November 26th, 2007

  • Back To Basics: Ground Ladders

    Ground ladders are one of those pieces of equipment that we are required to carry on every engine and truck. We are also expected to know how to select and use them. Although apparatus carry ground ladders, they may not used as they could and should...

    Article • October 2nd, 2007

  • Doing Better Best Honors Fallen Heroes

    Numerous sources offer ideas to training officers for lesson plans that will help work through problems experienced by other departments.

    Article • October 1st, 2007

  • Does Anything Really Change after a Catastrophic Incident?

    The author served as the fire incident commander for the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999.

    Article • April 30th, 2007

  • Company Level Training - Utility Control Part 1

    Larry Manasco looks at what is often the most difficult task for firefighters conducting utility control: the process of locating the connections and shutoffs.

    Article • January 8th, 2007

  • Safety 101 - Lesson 12

    Fire officers have been found guilty of criminal acts as a result of firefighter deaths during training activities.Each year firefighters are injured and killed with identified causes and contributing factors being related to training exercises. Over...

    Article • December 18th, 2006

  • Overcoming Firefighter Test and Exam Anxiety

    A common stumbling block in the pursuit of becoming a firefighter is test anxiety.

    Article • December 11th, 2006

  • Company Level Training - Firefighter Entanglement

    The sheetrock that is covering the ceiling comes down on top of your crew. Slightly dazed but otherwise uninjured, you realize that burning debris surrounds you and your partner. In an attempt to withdraw from the structure, you are unable to proceed. You...

    Article • November 6th, 2006

  • Company Level Training - To Train or Not to Train? The Next Step

    For non-critical subjects, sporadic training is fine. But how do you handle the vital, time-sensitive information that must be addressed on a regular basis?

    Article • October 2nd, 2006

  • Ground Ladder Basics for Effective Operations

    Jeffrey Pindelski reviews the effective use of portable ladders, which are often under utiltized at structure fire scenes.

    Article • September 18th, 2006

  • S.C.B.A. Considerations - Part 5: Universal Air Couplings and EBSS

    Sharing air between firefighters is not a recommended or approved procedure as far as NFPA, NIOSH, OSHA or any manufacturer are concerned.This is the fifth and final part in a series of articles focused on considerations for proper and safe S.C.B.A...

    Article • August 21st, 2006

  • Live Fire Training - Part 2

    The problem with concrete burn structures is the tendency to provide an unrealistic view of the properties of fire growth and behavior. Another aspect of concrete burn buildings and their content fires that we create is that the ceilings are not...

    Article • July 10th, 2006

  • SCBA Considerations - Part 3: Restrictive Area Techniques

    We pick up this series discussing the aspects of getting through tight or restricted areas while wearing an SCBA Every firefighter needs to be thoroughly familiar and confident with the specific piece of breathing apparatus that they will use...

    Article • June 19th, 2006