Wildland News

  • Road Blamed in Fatal California Firefighter Accident

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Bad road conditions and driver inexperience contributed to an accident that killed three firefighters this summer, a U.S. Forest Service investigation found.

    News • October 30th, 2002

  • The Indian Fire - Prescott, Arizona

    This was another beautiful sunny, warm and breezy day in the Prescott area. The fire danger rating was at the top of the scale and registered as "EXTREME."

    News • October 28th, 2002

  • Aerial Firefighters Pledge Reform

    The aerial firefighting industry promised reforms Thursday to help prevent a repeat of this summer, when two aging air tankers crashed fighting wildfires in California and Colorado, killing five people.

    News • October 25th, 2002

  • History Channel Documentary Investigates the Storm King Mt. Tragedy

    Fire On The Mountain is a riveting documentary investigating the death of the 14 firefighters killed in 1994 on Storm King Mountain in Colorado, one of the worst disasters in U.S. wildfire history.

    News • October 25th, 2002

  • Forest Service Planes Under Scrutiny

    The aging airplanes that the Forest Service uses to fight wildfires have been under scrutiny before. But none of the audits or the probes or the memos had the impact of a video showing an air tanker's wings snapping off in flight.

    News • October 7th, 2002

  • Fire Crews Appreciated for Protecting Homes Along Angeles National Forest

    Firefighters battling the Angeles National Forest wildfire never had it so good. Residents set up cots and chairs, baked and cooked for them.

    News • October 3rd, 2002

  • Wildfire Chars 1,500 Acres South of Davis, CA

    Firefighters spent much of Wednesday roping in a wildfire that blackened 1,500 acres near Davis.

    News • October 3rd, 2002

  • Severe Fire, Drought Shut Down CA Wilderness

    Federal authorities today will announce plans to close vast stretches of the San Bernardino National Forest, the second time in a week that severe fire and drought conditions have forced officials to shut down public wilderness in Southern California.

    News • October 3rd, 2002

  • California Fire Forces Evacuations

    Wind-driven flames from a fast-moving brush fire forced the evacuation of campers in southern Sacramento County Tuesday night.

    News • October 2nd, 2002

  • Curbing Forest Fires

    A not-so-natural disaster befell many Western states this summer - massive forest fires - but that fact hasn't sparked the Senate to find a compromise among several different measures aimed at curbing future fires in national forests.

    News • October 2nd, 2002

  • Gusty Davis, CA Winds Fan Valley Flames

    Gusty winds fueled more fires Wednesday, including one that damaged two homes in Sacramento.

    News • October 2nd, 2002

  • California Fire Forces School Cancellations

    The wildfire in the Angeles National Forest has forced cancellation of sporting events, venue changes and campus closures at a number of schools in the San Bernardino, Pomona/Walnut and San Gabriel valleys.

    News • September 27th, 2002

  • Crews Try to Contain California Wildfire

    The blaze, one of two major California wildfires, was posing its greatest threat to Mount Baldy Village.

    News • September 27th, 2002

  • California Wildfire Threatens Homes

    Flames from a 30,000-acre wildfire crawled to within miles of 700 hillside homes across the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and threatened rustic cabins in the Angeles National Forest.

    News • September 26th, 2002

  • Hundreds Evacuated as Fire Spreads Across Santa Cruz, CA Mountains

    Hundreds of people fled rural homes, ranches and vineyards in the hills west of Gilroy on Wednesday as the Croy fire continued a relentless, destructive march across the rolling countryside and rugged eastern slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    News • September 26th, 2002