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First Arriving Unit Operations: The Key To Success

Presented by Richard J. Blatus and Tom Richardson

Presentation Date: Wed 05/15/13 - 12:00 PM CDT

Sponsored by: Streamlight, Inc.

This webcast will emphasize the importance of the decisions made by the first arriving unit and explore how those decisions can make or break an operation. Co-presenters Richard J. Blatus and Thomas J. Richardson will illustrate how students should deploy their critical thinking skills to make the critical decisions on the fireground. The veteran fire officers from New York will discuss decisions related to staffing, tactics, and operational ideas during a variety of fireground scenarios.

Presenter Bio

  • Richard J. Blatus

    Richard J. Blatus is a 32-year veteran of the fire service currently assigned to FDNY Rescue Battalion 1. A strong proponent of training, Chief Blatus has served as both a regional and national instructor/lecturer for many of the fire service trade publications and has participated in numerous conferences.  

  • Tom Richardson

    Tom Richardson is a battalion chief in the FDNY assigned to Battalion 38 in Brooklyn. With 32 years of service, he is a past chief with the Deer Park, NY, Volunteer Fire Department and an instructor at the Suffolk County Fire Academy and FDNY fire academy.