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Interoperability is More Than Just Radios

Presented by Peter Lamb

Presentation Date: Tue 06/25/13 - 12:00 PM CDT

Sponsored by: Verizon Wireless

This webcast will discuss the actual meaning of interoperability beyond the equipment that most responders associate with the phrase. Chief Peter Lamb will review the term and apply it to the people, procedures and equipment used by fire  departments, mutual aid partners and other agencies. Webcast attendees will understand how to implement interoperability and grow it locally to neighbors and other key agencies. Interagency and inter-department operations will be discussed along with a streamlined unified command to  give the participant a great foundation to be able to make changes within their organization.

Presenter Bio

  • Peter Lamb

    Chief Peter Lamb is a 35 year veteran of the fire service and has led three suburban fire departments and served in multiple capacities at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy and served as the director of state training. Chief Lamb has authored articles for periodicals and has lectured nationally on a variety of topics including, tactics, incident command, training, and operations.