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Extrication Updates for Vehicles with Advanced Steel Structures

With increasing frequency, fire departments are reporting an inability to cut through common structural areas such as the B-pillars of late model vehicles. The normal rescue cutting tools are stalling out and they may be essentially out-gunned by new, ultra high-strength steel alloys called "advanced steels." These steels, such as Boron, can be found in the roof pillars, roof rail, or rocker channels on a wide array of late-model vehicles, especially beginning with the 2012 model year.

During the presentation, Ron Moore brings the pages of his University of Extrication series on this topic to life as he explains the lessons learned from his nearly year-long research project on the challenges presented by these advanced steels. Learn how they are being used by auto manufacturers to meet the 2012 model year crash standards. Is your rescue team ready for the challenge of advanced steel?