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Responding to Gas and 'Odor' Emergencies

Presented by Kent Freeman

Presentation Date: Tue 10/15/13 - 1:00 PM CDT

Sponsored by: Industrial Scientific Corp.

Fire companies around the country are dispatched to gas or unknown odors every day, but are the firefighters and officers really prepared for what they may run into? This webcast will focus on the initial fire department response to odors, gas leaks, carbon monoxide alarms and other incidents involving 'leaks.' The presenter will review the danger levels for a variety of gases, mitigation methodologies and general hazmat storage familiarization. The webcast will look at propane tank emergencies incident mitigation. Every structure, whether a private dwelling or large warehouse, is a potential threat to any number of gas-related emergencies and the first-arriving company has to secure the scene and understand what hazards they are facing.

Presenter Bio

  • Kent Freeman

    Kent Freeman is a 30-year veteran of the fire service and retired as a captain with the Roseville, CA, Fire Department. He is the author and developer of California State Fire Training Divisions, Confined Space Rescue Awareness program and served as the project leader for the Confined Space Rescue Technician program. He has completed work with Cal-OSHA on a project developing a text to guide general industry on developing regulatory compliant confined space entry programs. Kent was awarded the...