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The New Near Miss: Applying Lessons Learned to Innovative Training

Presented by Jonathan Mackintosh and Laura Bell

Presentation Date: Wed 04/23/14 - 12:00 PM CDT

Sponsored by: Near Miss Reporting System

For years, the American Fire Service has used the National Fire Fighter Near Miss Reporting System as a tool to better understand situations that caused injury or harm to the fire service. After undergoing several changes, Near Miss presents the next generation of the program and the technology that brings the experiences of a community to an advanced learning platform. Attendees to this webcast will see how this interactive platform takes those experiences and transitions the narratives into innovative training opportunities. 

Presenter Bio

  • Jonathan Mackintosh

    Jonathan Mackintosh is a lead product designer and community liaison with AlphaTRAC, Inc . For more than 22 years, AlphaTRAC has helped people make crucial decisions that save lives, protect property, and preserve mission in crisis situations. 

  • Laura Bell

    Laura Bell is the International Association of Fire Chiefs program manager for the Near Miss Reporting System . She joins the IAFC with a background in consulting for military, government, and public safety clients.