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Webcast: Fortifications and Foundations for Fire Service Training Records

Date: 04/14/15

Kevin Milan will use a “how-to” approach to help attendees understand why training records are crucial to maintain and how easy it can be. VIEW »

Webcast: Situational Awareness for Fireground Survival

Date: 12/11/14

Dr. Richard Gasaway will illustrate how accountability and situational awareness play an important role when you look at the big picture of firefighter and scene safety. VIEW »

Webcast: NFPA 1710: Simplifying the Standard for Career FDs

Date: 11/13/14

NFPA 1710 Committee Chairman William "Shorty" Bryson will share what departments really need to understand about NFPA 1710, the standard for career fire departments. VIEW »

Webcast: At the Intersection of Higher Education and Fire Service Leadership

Date: 11/12/14

Deputy Chief Fred Kauser will share 10 points that every student/fire officer can apply to their job from the higher education world. VIEW »

Today's Webcast: First-in at a Collapse: Thinking 'Outside the Box'

Date: 10/23/14

Firehouse Technical Rescue Editor Bob Duemmel will share skills that engine and truck companies can employ to save lives when they are first-due at a structural collapse. VIEW »

Creating Traffic Incident Management Teams for Responder Safety

Date: 08/27/14

One of the best ways to provide safety at the scene of roadway incidents doesn't happen at the scene. Multi-agency collaboration, communication and cooperation begins long before your units are even dispatched to a highway incident. Rather than... VIEW »

Revisiting NFPA 1403 Before Your Next Live Fire Training

Date: 07/08/14

NFPA 1403 was established following several instances where firefighters lost their lives during live fire training. Attendees to this webcast will walk away with a better understanding of how to apply the NFPA 1403 Standard in their own community... VIEW »

From Command to Rescue: Managing The Mayday

Date: 06/11/14

A Mayday call on the fireground is one of the most stressful situations that members will ever face. In this webcast, Jonathan Hall will prepare attendees to address the many challenges that can be encountered. It is critical that firefighters... VIEW »

Managing The Vehicle Underride Incident

Date: 05/28/14

Working at the scene of an underride incident can be taxing, even for the best trained and equipped rescue teams. Lt. Michael Daley will cover the significant concerns that responders can encounter at these incidents, including stabilization... VIEW »

View From the Street: Residential & Multi-Family Dwellings

Date: 05/14/14

While many departments train extensively on commercial building fires, residential fires claim more firefighters and civilians annually.  In this webcast, veteran FDNY Battalion Chiefs Richard Blatus and Thomas Richardson provide an in-depth look at... VIEW »

The New Near Miss: Applying Lessons Learned to Innovative Training

Date: 04/23/14

For years, the American Fire Service has used the National Fire Fighter Near Miss Reporting System as a tool to better understand situations that caused injury or harm to the fire service. After undergoing several changes, Near Miss presents the next... VIEW »

Prepare to Excel at Fire Service Distance Learning

Date: 03/19/14

This webcast discusses the history of distance learning and how it can benefit members of the fire service. Presenter William Jenaway will guide attendees through steps such as establishing goals, expectations, benchmarks and limitations. You will... VIEW »

SCBA Essentials for Today's Dynamic Fireground

Date: 11/18/13

In this webcast, Deputy Chief Jeffrey Pindelski will answer some tough questions about what we should be paying closer attention to with our self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and how training with them will help us perform essential tasks... VIEW »

Responding to Gas and 'Odor' Emergencies

Date: 10/15/13

Fire companies around the country are dispatched to gas or unknown odors every day, but are the firefighters and officers really prepared for what they may run into? This webcast will focus on the initial fire department response to odors, gas leaks... VIEW »

Extrication Updates for Vehicles with Advanced Steel Structures

Date: 10/03/13

With increasing frequency, fire departments are reporting an inability to cut through common structural areas such as the B-pillars of late model vehicles. The normal rescue cutting tools are stalling out and they may be essentially out-gunned by... VIEW »

Interoperability is More Than Just Radios

Date: 06/25/13

This webcast will discuss the actual meaning of interoperability beyond the equipment that most responders associate with the phrase. Chief Peter Lamb will review the term and apply it to the people, procedures and equipment used by fire... VIEW »

Developing a Thermal Imaging Camera Deployment Plan

Date: 06/03/13

Michael Daley will present an in-depth look at the need for fire and rescue crews to deploy thermal imaging cameras. The webcast includes an overview of the concepts behind thermal imaging cameras (TICs) and how they operate. During the interactive... VIEW »

First Arriving Unit Operations: The Key To Success

Date: 05/15/13

This webcast will emphasize the importance of the decisions made by the first arriving unit and explore how those decisions can make or break an operation. Co-presenters Richard J. Blatus and Thomas J. Richardson will illustrate how students should... VIEW »

Truck Company Do's and Don'ts

Date: 11/15/12

Join firefighter and fire instructor Jonathan Hall for his first Firehouse.com Webcast on the myriad of truck company duties that need to occur prior to and during fire incidents. This webcast will examine duties such as: response area, equipment and... VIEW »

AEDs: Increasing Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates in Your Community

Date: 09/10/12

North Lake Tahoe is among the safest places in the U.S. to have a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Why? The entire community is prepared with automated external defibrillators (AEDs). VIEW »

Vehicle Extrication: Entry and Disentanglement Skills

Date: 07/26/12

With over 250 million passenger vehicles registered in the U.S., Lt. Michael Daley's interactive program is designed to equip all responders with the skills to effectively force entry into crashed vehicles and disentangle the victims. In this... VIEW »

Coordinating the Attack: Engine and Truck Cohesion on the Fireground

Date: 06/26/12

This webcast examines the key elements of the initial fire attack based on assignments for engine and truck companies. Capt. Dugan will illustrate how coordination of on-scene resources, based on standard operating guidelines, will be coupled with... VIEW »

Combating Fires in Garden Apartments and Townhomes

Date: 05/10/12

Fires involving garden apartments and townhome structures present a series of challenges to firefighters including a large number of potential victims, avenues for rapid fire extension, limited access and more. Join Battalion Chief Derrick... VIEW »

Conducting Large Area Searches

Date: 06/14/11

Searching large open areas is not just a task for urban firefighters. With the number of large homes, big box stores and other large structures being constructed in suburban and rural America, any department could be assigned to search for fire and... VIEW »

University of Extrication Vehicle Rescue Update for 2011

Date: 04/29/11

It's a known fact that the field of vehicle rescue and extrication is rapidly changing. The constant introduction of new model vehicles, new vehicle technologies, even new rescue tools and techniques have become the new norm. What's the latest update... VIEW »

The First 15 Minutes: Decision Making at Roadway Incidents

Date: 11/04/10

The decisions made by the initial responders in the first 15 minutes of a roadway incident are critical to the safe operations and the quick clearance of responders and emergency vehicles from the roadway. This webcast examines the importance of... VIEW »

The Fundamentals of Extrication: NFPA 1670 Operations Level

Date: 10/20/10

This interactive webcast, presented by University of Extrication's Ron Moore, will examine the extrication skills based on NFPA 1670: Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents. VIEW »