Happy EMS Week

Happy EMS Week from the Jumpseat. At the start of EMS week I realized how quickly another year of riding in the ambulance jumpseat has passed. Just like many of you I split my time between an engine and an ambulance, it is interesting mix to say the least.

I believe that if you are willing it can make for a well-rounded provider because you have the fire-rescue side to go along with your EMS skills. It's a well-known fact that most of our runs are EMS in nature and often your time on the ambulance is busier, but this also gives you more chances to have an effect on your community.

EMS runs give you a chance to show compassion while offering life saving measures to your patients. You may never know what it is like to lose a loved one, tragically, but you will know what is like to take the extra time with the family of someone who has.

Over the past 17 or so years I have had the displeasure of being with family members during the most tragic day of their lives. When they receive notification of family members passing it can crush them beyond belief. That is where the EMS crews step in to support them in their darkest hour. From being an emotional supporter to lending a shoulder to cry on we are always there.

Sometimes during EMS week we don't slow down to take in the "thank you's" and listen to the stories of the people whom you have made an impact on. Unless you take a moment to truly listen, you may never know what kind of provider you are, a provider of family support in their time of need.

It's a well-known fact that emergency service workers can become jaded to emotion because we see so much tragedy. We should use this week to remember the ones we did save and the people that we have comforted during their time of need.

In closing I would like to personally thank everyone for choosing a career in the Emergency Medical Services. You should take a moment this week to think on how you have affected someone's life and be proud. There is good reason they call you a EMS professional, because you've handled yourself well in circumstances and held your head high knowing that you have impacted someone's life. Continue you career knowing that there can never be enough weeks of the years to repay you for the support and care you have given.

Happy EMS Week to everyone, be safe, and stay Jumpseatready.

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