Ed Ballam

The Business Behind Firefighting -- Firehouse.com Associate Editor Ed Ballam blogs about the business side of firefighting and emergency response, new products and the fire service industry.

  • Ballam: Manufacturers' Recalls Are Just Part of Life in The Fire Service

    By Ed Ballam - Thursday August 28, 2014
    We all know there are inherent dangers and risks with firefighting. We also know mechanical things break down. So, there shouldn’t be any surprise when equipment and apparatus used for firefighting fail and people, unfortunately, get hurt. That’s never a good thing and we should always try to avoid breakdowns and injuries. And, sometimes, people need to be held accountable for the failures...
Ryan Pennington

View from the Jumpseat - Ryan Pennington shares his views while riding the back seat of the fire engine in West Virginia. He writes about firefighter safety, tactics, leadership and EMS.

  • Pennington: Do Rural Firefighters Need Better Training?

    By Ryan Pennington - Wednesday August 27, 2014
    Since the early years of my fire service career I have been spent the majority of my time serving in city departments. Occasionally we needed to drop a dump tank or nurse off a tanker, but it was very rare. We also don’t need to wait long for the next mutual aid companies to arrive -- it only takes minutes. Serving in these environments for the past 11 years has definitely spoiled this...
Cynthia Mills

Life as a Fire Wife - Cynthia Mills writes about her life as the spouse of a South Carolina firefighter. She shares personal stories as a spouse and auxiliary member.

  • Mills: Stopping Ripping Your Men to Shreds

    By Cynthia Mills - Monday August 25, 2014
    Listen up ladies: stop ripping your men to shreds, especially in public! This is a huge, huge pet peeve of mine. I cannot stand to see a woman publicly berate, humiliate, degrade, insult, and dominate her man. Of course, I would never approve of the opposite happening either. I think this type of behavior of one human to their supposed “loved one” is completely unacceptable, no...
  • Jersey Guys: Recognizing a National Fire Service Icon, Friend

    By Robert Moran and John J. Lewis - Sunday August 24, 2014
    This blog entry was written by Robert Moran. Change occurs on a daily basis within our organizations and our personal lives. During our careers John and I have been involved in many corporate and fire service changes that have personally affected us. Sometimes these changes were for the better, sometimes not (at least in our mind). In the long run whether we liked them or not it did not...
Les Karpluk

Fire Les-sons on Leadership - Leadership growth is a daily occurrence. Join me as we grow together as leaders and achieve our true potential so we can grow leaders in our great fire service profession.

  • Karpluk: Book Quotes to Help You Become Better

    By Les Karpluk - Wednesday July 23, 2014
    I’m a reader plain and simple. I like to read books so I can become a better father, husband, friend, leader and encourager. My personal collection of leadership books is quite frankly getting out of control, but I read them all, take notes, highlight throughout and recommend the winners to other readers. While some people go on a shopping spree to buy “things,” I go on a leadership...
Dr. Harry Carter

The View from my Front Porch - Join Dr. Harry Carter as he shares his wisdom from personal and fire service life experiences.

  • Carter: Getting It All Done Requires a Bit of Time Management

    By Dr. Harry Carter - Thursday July 10, 2014
    One of my favorite analogies comes from the 1960 John Wayne movie, "The Alamo."  Do you remember the scene where Lawrence Harvey, as Colonel Travis, drew a line in the sand and then proceed to invite those who wished to stay and fight Santa Ana’s forces to step across and join him? We in the fire service are much like those who stayed to defend the Alamo. In our own way, each of us has...
Todd J. LeDuc

LeDuc’s Look – Experiences and teaching points from fire service veteran Division Chief Todd J. LeDuc on issues that matter to firefighter safety, leadership and training.

  • LeDuc: Where Do You Stand on Effective Response & Critical Tasking?

    By Todd J. LeDuc - Friday June 20, 2014
    Many communities are evaluating their costs and subsequently looking at fire and emergency services budgets critically as public safety, in many cases, accounts for upwards of 60% to 70% of the overall jurisdiction's budget. As such, it is important that your community has assessed the different levels of risk that exist from low, moderate to even high risk or significant/unique. And...
Capt. Dave Fornell

Riding with Capt. Dave - Read blog entries from veteran firefighter Capt. Dave Fornell. He examines line of duty deaths, fireground strategies, command decision making and more.

  • Fornell: Passing on the Craft of Firefighting

    By Capt. Dave Fornell - Friday May 9, 2014
    A few weeks ago, I found myself with a relatively inexperienced crew advancing a line up a staircase to push back a fire that had pretty much involved the entire attic of a two story home. I didn't realize it at the time, but the person operating the nozzle was one of my newbies, having successfully passed his Firefighter 1 course, but never, until then, having to face a fire roaring out of the...
John J. Salka, Jr.

Retired FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka will take a candid look at news and events impacting the fire service in this blog in the weeks between his monthly column 'The Fire Scene' in Firehouse magazine.

  • Salka: Confronting Danger as a Firefighter

    By John J. Salka, Jr. - Monday May 5, 2014
    We hear it all the time, "Stay Safe" or "Be Safe." What does that mean? Well, for starters let's take a look at the definition of safe:  Safe  – freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger or loss. OK, so then what is danger? Here's another definition;  Danger  – able or likely to cause physical injury. So then to "be safe' we want to be free of the risk of anything...
Dayna Hilton

Playing it Safe - Dayna Hilton shares ideas on fire prevention, fire and life safety education, community risk reduction and customer service.

  • Hilton: Fire Prevention Efforts Enhanced at Fire Museum of Memphis - Part 2

    By Dayna Hilton - Tuesday October 8, 2013
    Hello, everyone!  Recently, I read an article sharing that the Fire Museum of Memphis received grants to update their museum. This is Part 2 of the series on the Fire Museum of Memphis and what they are doing to enhance their fire safety efforts (read Part 1 here ). As I mentioned in Part 1, I packed up the SpotMobile with  my spotted companion, Molly (the Fire Safety Dog) and we headed...
Ben May

BEN MAY, a Firehouse contributing editor, has been developing the discipline of marketing management for the fire and emergency services for more than 25 years. He has been a firefighter for Montgomery County, MD.

  • May: Love Made Visible and Achieving the Impossible

    By Ben May - Tuesday September 10, 2013
    The Lebanese poet, Kalil Kibran said that "work is love made visible." If ever there were a physical manifestation of these words in action, it is firefighting: the entire brother and sisterhood of our profession. The work we do reveals the humanity and love that drives us to perform those actions that many in our society call "noble" deeds. Love is a strange animal. It propels us to do...
Peter Matthews

From the Editor's Desk - Firehouse.com's Editor Peter Matthews blogs about current events, training and other fire service industry news and events.

  • West Webster Shooting Stirred Memories for Me

    By Peter Matthews - Wednesday December 26, 2012
    I was in the kitchen watching updates from the scene where four firefighters were shot in Webster in Monroe County, NY. During the mid '90s, my father and I served with the Rush Fire Department, in the southern end of Monroe County. As this incident unfolded on Monday, it was a haunting reminder of the incidents over the last few years where firefighters, always known as the good guys and gals...