Basics of Firefighting: Vehicle Fires

In any given period of time, the incident you will see at least as often as any other involves a fire in a motor vehicle.  Generally these will be classed as car fires, but we have seen out share of box van, and tractor-trailer scenarios...

It is important to train your people in the latest technical and safety improvements.  Air bags, hydraulic bumpers and power equipment present challenges that we of an earlier generation did not face.  It is not our purpose here to teach you how to use each, but rather to call your attention to the fact that there are many points to ponder. You can find out a great deal by talking to an auto repairperson, an auto body repair specialist; or a technical rescue technician.

This is a case where a few moments spent in learning can prevent a lot of time recovering in a hospital.  The simple act of wearing a SCBA may well prevent a great deal of future suffering.

Vehicle fires are common.  We just ask that you not become complacent.  Drills spent learning to control these types of incidents can pay dividends.