Problem Solving Up Close and Personal

Many times have my columns here touched the topic of problem-solving. However, these discussions normally covered the topic at the organizational level. However this time around I have crafted this column in a different way. I am going to discuss...

Worst of all are the people have not learned from the bad decisions they have made in the past. It is their feeling that if they keep trying the same decision over and over, it will eventually be the right one. People can be killed in this fashion. Some people truly never do learn from their mistakes.

Let me sum up the method for you.

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Collect information.
  3. Generate alternative options.
  4. Evaluate the alternatives.
  5. Pick one.
  6. DO IT!!!
  7. Check your feedback to see how the solution to your problem is working.

Absorb the meaning of what it takes to solve a problem. Then let me suggest that you practice solving problems. Let me cheer you up a bit. Let me assure you that it has been my experience that you will get better with practice. But if you don’t try, then you will never succeed and at some point you may kill or maim someone. I sure as heck would not want that on my conscience. So get with it and start looking to solve the next problem you encounter. Don't leave it to the other person. They might not be as smart as you.