Todd J. LeDuc

LeDuc’s Look – Experiences and teaching points from fire service veteran Division Chief Todd J. LeDuc on issues that matter to firefighter safety, leadership and training.

  • LeDuc: Where Do You Stand on Effective Response & Critical Tasking?

    By Todd J. LeDuc - Friday June 20, 2014
    Many communities are evaluating their costs and subsequently looking at fire and emergency services budgets critically as public safety, in many cases, accounts for upwards of 60% to 70% of the overall jurisdiction's budget. As such, it is important...
  • LeDuc: Are You Meeting Your Customers' Needs?

    By Todd J. LeDuc - Friday May 23, 2014
    One thing that successful organizations have in common is the core value of an "unrelenting customer focus." That sounds like a nice adage, but what does that mean in practical terms? Simply put: listen, learn and actively seek out what customers...
  • LeDuc: Infectious Enthusiasm for Successful Leaders

    By Todd J. LeDuc - Tuesday April 22, 2014
    An article on  noted that "good bosses care about getting important things done. Exceptional bosses care about their people." In these words lay some valuable lessons. Infectious enthusiasm by leaders for their personnel who they lead creates...
  • LeDuc: Consolidation for Efficiencies and Service Synergies

    By Todd J. LeDuc - Thursday March 20, 2014
    Global economic realities have driven communities to examine opportunities to leverage public safety resources through collaboration. Operationally, many communities are challenged to rapidly place an adequate number of responders on the scene of a...
  • LeDuc: Planning for Your Active Shooter Response

    By Todd J. LeDuc - Monday January 20, 2014
    Over the last decade the United States has encountered nearly 100 active shooter events in which many after action lessons learned have been gleaned.  Additionally, work has been done from both the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation (NFFF) and the...
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